What To Bring Camping For First Time Campers

Wondering what to bring camping? We have a helpful list for you. As campers, it is very important to have all the requisite materials in place, so that the camping trip does not turn out to be a disaster. When outdoors, you never know which gear you might need and when. Hence, a primary preparation is necessary. What gears you need depend mostly on the type of camper you are and where you are camping. But, there are some basic gears which are common to most camping trips and are a must.

A list of what to take camping

A camping tent

This is probably the most basic necessity when preparing for a camping trip. Living outdoors on a camping trip is not possible without a tent to shield you from all the unforeseen weather conditions. It keeps all your clothing and belonging safe and you can get proper privacy too.

Sleeping bags

In our list of what you need for camping, it wouldn’t be complete without sleeping bags. Along with a camping tent, you also need a sleeping bag in order to sleep at night. A sleeping bag makes it easier to sleep on the camping ground. In case you are an amateur, you can buy an inexpensive sleeping bag from online sites like Amazon. Just make sure it suits your purpose.

First aid kits

Since you will be outdoors, it makes sense to carry a first aid kit, as you may need it anytime. The kit must contain bandages, gauze, antiseptic creams and lotions, sunburn lotion, snakebite antidotes, basic medicines like aspirin or Tylenol, sanitary napkins, scissors etc. If you really want to know what to bring camping, first aid kits is should be your number one priority, especially since anything can happen out in the wilderness.

Supplies for cooking

During camping, you will have to provide for your own food. So, carrying camping stove, charcoal, can openers, water and food supply are a must. Also carry paper plates, cups and napkins.

Other things to take camping

Apart from the above mentioned basic stuff, other things that should make to your checklist are spare clothes, binoculars, duct tape, flashlight, compass, bug spray etc. All these will keep you well equipped for your camping trip. Here is a full checklist that you can print out.

Matches or a lighter
Rainboots / heavy shoes
A tent which can fit the whole family
Your dog or cat (see if this is allowed)
Plenty of towels
A bathing suit (assuming the campground has a river)
Fishing rods

The Lifeline 29-Piece Camping Set

Okay, I just wanted to share a few things with you to those who are totally lost when it comes to camping. Suppose it is your first time camping and you don’t have all the basic thing you need. There are plenty of places that have camping kits online but one of the best that I have used is the Lifeline 29 piece Set. My friend recommended this to me after I asked what things to take camping. These are just your basic survival items that you will need. You shouldn’t go without these or you may regret it later.. I took a fall during a hike alone and the compass saved my life. I woke up rather disoriented and I was able to find my way back to the camp with it. Keep in mind, I can’t tell what way North or East is, according to the sun like some other people do. Here is a picture of it below and also a link to the product.

Here is a list of what it includes:

  • Fishing hooks, up to two
  • An emergency cord
  • Baggy with zipper to seal goods
  • Survival blanket
  • Compass
  • Waterproof carry case

And so much more.. This was a bargain for only sixteen dollars and some change. I’m not sure how they stay in business selling this many camping gear items at this price.