What To Bring On An Airplane

A lot of people ask me “What can I bring on an airplane”? Actually, there is no straight answer since it depends on who you are and what your top priorities are. Plane trips are fine, as long as there is not too much duration between boarding and landing. It’s the long airplane trips that tend to get quite tiring after sometime. If you are up for a long airplane trip, then you would require certain things to keep you comfortable as well as entertained. Given below are some of the things you should carry on a long plane trip.

A list of what to bring on an airplane

Carry neck pillow and extra sweatshirts

If it’s a long plane trip, then you definitely intend to sleep. In such circumstances, it is good to carry a neck pillow in order to avoid the cramps which occur if you sleep too long in the same position. It’s also good to carry an extra sweatshirt along with you as once up in the air, you might feel a little chilly inside the plane.

Carry books or magazines

Passing the time is the biggest problem in a long flight. It is always recommended to carry some of the latest magazines or your favorite bestseller books on your flight so that you can pass your time easily by reading. Besides, a good reading material can also provide the ground for conversation with your fellow passenger!

Carry an Mp3 player or laptop

If you are not much of a reader, then you can spend your time listening to great music on portable music player or watching a movie on your laptop. These are great ways to kill your time enjoyably.

Carry toothbrush and items for grooming

If it’s an overnight flight and you land next morning, then you would need stuff like toothbrush, comb and face wash to make you presentable in front of others. This especially applies to people who are traveling for business.

Can you bring food on an airplane?

Good question. A lot of people are wondering if they are able to bring food. Just as long as it is out of sight when boarding the plane, you’ll be fine. Once you pass the security test, you can buy some little snacks and bottle of water for yourself as you may need them during the long flight.

Airport carry on rules

In general, most airports allow you to carry on two items such as a personal item and one bag. The item could be anything like a laptop, luggage, a computer, backpack or a briefcase. When it comes to baggage weight limit, it depends on the state although most of the time your luggage cannot be more than forty-five pounds.

Things you cannot bring on the plane

Any type of explosives or fireworks are prohibited. This could include a blasting cap, fake explosive items, toy guns, etc. Harmful chemicals have also been banned from planes such as gas, bleach, or lighter fluid.

We know you’ve probably asked a few family members “What can I bring on an airplane”? but to be honest, airlines change their policies from time to time. It also depends on what airline you are going with so if you want to know what you can and cannot bring on a plane, give them a call.

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