What to Buy for Baby When Layering Baby Clothes

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Spring time is one of those times of year when you never know what the weather will bring. Remember, the old saying for the month of March? In like a lion and out like a lamb. Keep this in mind when dressing babies for the weather. One of the best ways to combat the fickle weather that may give you overnight lows in the 40s and daytime highs in the mid-60s is to layer baby’s clothes. There is a definite difference between winter baby clothes and spring baby clothes. Knowing what to buy for baby when layering baby clothes and how to do it can make a difference this spring.

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Layering baby clothing includes have a cozy baby outfit that works for all that is offered by the weather that day. This certainly doesn’t mean avoiding cute baby clothes or trendy baby clothing. You can still maintain a sense of fashion with clothes for kids as well as common sense while you layer baby clothes.

This could mean buying baby clothes in bulk. Instead of one or two items for a baby outfit you will find that you need several more items to make the layering complete and keep your baby comfortable and warm for spring weather. What to buy for baby when layering is outlined here.

Start with an onsie

Clothes for baby must haves when layering always include a simple one piece of onsie. This is the basic body suit found under all baby outwear. The onsie will fit great under any baby outfit and offers a little extra protection to baby’s delicate skin against any outside weather. These are generally purchased in multiple piece packages. Gerbie Onsies are $9 for 4

Top layer of clothes

Over the onsie add a one piece suit or a top and pants. Many of the smaller sizes will have tops and pants that snap together to create a bond where cold air cannot penetrate the two piece outfit much in the same way as using a one piece suit.

One piece suits are cute as well as comfortable for most babies. There are many that have the foot enclosed to avoid having to use socks and shoes for their feet.

Socks and shoes for those tiny toes

Socks and shoes are something that many parents avoid for tiny feet that aren’t yet walking or even crawling. However, socks and shoes are necessary to keep baby warm. If you cannot do the shoes because they won’t remain on or they seem bulky and heavy, simply have socks. You can also double kids socks instead of wearing shoes.


Accessories can be added as the weather permits. How about a hat to cover the baby’s head from wind, rain and sun? Baby hats are great for small children that don’t mind wearing them. Avoid agitating any kids that don’t enjoy this particular accessory

A small lightweight jacket or coat may be needed. Remember, in like a lion and out like a lamb. As the evening progresses a small jacket may not have been needed in the afternoon, but the weather can change to become cooler. Plan your day and the child’s to include contingencies for layering baby clothes and pack accordingly.

In conclusion

Spring time is beautiful to experience, but make certain baby is dressed for the occasion. Layer your baby’s clothes for comfort and protection against the weather. Check out the day’s forecast and decide what is appropriate for layering baby clothes.

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