What to Do If You Find Bed Bugs on Cruise Ships

Are you wondering what you should do if you happen to find bed bugs on your cruise ship or if you have already found them? These little pests bite and these bites can be very itchy. Just knowing that they are on your cruise can ruin your trip! Therefore it’s important to take several precautions before you even go on your cruise. You must know what these pests look like as well as what their bites look like, so you can better spot them if you need to.

What to Do With Bed Bugs on Cruise

Nobody ever really wants to have this problem. If you are worried about this or if you already have this problem, check out some bed bugs on cruise tips here.

– First, if you are worried your cruise line might possibly have bed bugs, try calling them beforehand and ask if they have any history of bed bugs.

– If you don’t want to do that or don’t trust what they tell you, try the website Cruise-Bruise.com for info. regarding bed bugs on cruises and other incidents. You will find most incidents that have occurred on a cruise.

Good Tips on Preventing Bed Bugs on Cruise

– How about packing your clothes and belongings with anti-bed bug luggage liners? These will protect your possessions from bed bug infestation while you travel.

– There are plenty of good sprays to get rid of bed bugs on cruises, if you need them.

– You can buy an anti bedbug pillow case, bed sheet or mattress cover.

– After or before your trip, you can also try using an anti-bed bug laundry bag.

– Packing a sanitized portable vacuum might also be a good option.

What Do You Do If You’ve Already Spotted Them on Your Cruise?

– I would be upset so I would definitely ask the cruise line to be reimbursed for my trouble. They will probably give you another room while the trip continues but don’t be shy in asking for reimbursement. Having bed bugs on your cruise is one of the most undesired things you could ask for!