What to do this summer

As summer approaches, many people are out wondering, ‘What Should I do this summer’. Well I have a few sollutions.

Do you have a child? Well bring your child out to the beach, or park and spend some family quality time with him/her. A child will always love going out to the beach, and even if they are ‘too old’, they will still love to spend that quality time with their parent(s).

Maybe you don’t have a kid, and you are just a stay at home mom or dad, and you just get quite bored. You still have that option to go to the beach, and even if you are lucky, you could find that special someone out there at the beach, since so many people go there. Not a beach person? Have a cook out, and invite all of your friends and family out for some games, and fun. Nothing like spending summer eating, talking, and having fun!

So maybe you don’t have a child? Maybe you don’t want to spend time with friends? Why not take a walk, breathe in the fresh air, and even get a tan while doing it. I usually prefer a bike ride maybe around a park, neighborhood, or anywhere that could be socluded or crowded. I get that exercise, and tan that I want.

Maybe you want to be that one guy, or girl that doesn’t want any communication to the outside world, or atleast getting out of your house to go have fun. You can always still invite friends over, and maybe have a game system, like the XBOX 360, with Kinect, and have some fun. You can even enjoy the Nintendo WII, and do Wii Bowling, or any kind of fun sport that will keep you moving.

These are just a few of the things that I have planned to do this summer and wanted to share my ideas with you, so you are not that one person saying ‘I have nothing to do’, and ‘I need something to do, but I don’t know what’. These are common questions around the United States, and across the world that are always asked. Now you know what you can do, now go do it!