What to do when combofix will not run

Combofix is one of the greatest free programs that can be used to clean off infections and malware from computers. Alot of techs depend on this to get the computer clean enough to allow virus and malware scanners to run. If you are having issues with malware give it a try, it will scan for and remove alot of the most common malware and spyware infections. It can be downloaded at http://www.combofix.org/.

What happens when combofix won’t run? This happens from time to time but usually there are a few things you can to to get it to work.

  • Try to run in safe mode. Hit f8 on startup to boot into safe mode and then try to run it from there.
  • If regular safe mode does not work try to run with safe mode with command prompt, you will have to know where you saved the combofix file and then use the command prompt to run it. For example if you saved it in the root of C: you would type c:combofix.exe
  • If neither of those options work its time to try some other program first. I would suggest trying to run Tdsskiller from one of those safe mode options. You could also try hitmanpro in safe mode with networking or regular mode. Hitmanpro requires a network connection to run. If one of those programs finds and removes any files then most likely combofix will run after that. Tdsskiller can be downloaded at http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208283363 and Hitmanpro at http://hitmanpro.nl

Hopefully one of these suggestions will help you get combofix to run. Most often the second option will work. I usually suggest that you reboot after you get the log from combofix and then run Tdsskiller and a malware/virus scan of your choice. If you dont have any scanners I would suggest Malwarebytes and Microsoft security essentials. They are both very effective products.