What to do when the internet or web site goes down

The day has been planned to work online on certain project. There is one glitch to this plan; the internet web sit is down or barely working. Well, that just ruins the perfect workday plan. Maybe working on another site or sell promotion would be time well spent, but in this particular scenario there is nothing else to do but that particular web site or the internet is down all together. Now what?

Instead of being unproductive it is better to simple change plans for the day instead of doing nothing. What to do is the big question. For people who write online, now would be a good time to write articles in a word program or edit exciting article that are waiting to be submitted for publication. This may not be feasible for the entire day however. Writer often have to find a title or get a writing assignment before writing an article.

Cleaning the office would be a great way to spend some of the time for the day. Having a clean office will help the user to be healthier and often helps to improve the mood of the user too. While cleaning the office it is a good idea to organize as well. It is much easier to accomplish work when everything is neat and tidy.

Now would be a great time to think about rearranging the office as well. Moving things around could give the office a nice new flow that will help the user to be inspired or work better. Adding more lights or plants to the will make the office much nicer to work in.

When was the last time the computer(s) had maintenance done? Computer(s) will last longer and provide better performance when the computer has regular maintenance. This is similar to having an oil change done on your vehicle.

First find things stored on the computer that are not needed. The 100% not needed stuff can be deleted – note: Do NOT delete things if you do not know what they are. What you should be looking for are unneeded documents, pictures, videos, games, and downloads that is no longer wanted. Videos and pictures that are wanted should be saved either to an online site or burnt to a disc. Having a large amount of picture, videos, and games can slow a computer down.

Next, type in the start, run box (for windows 7 just in the box on the start menu) type in “%temp%”. This will pull up all your temp files that can be deleted. Then look for the system tools that is under accessories. In the system tools should all be run with defrag being last. A system defrag can take a few minutes up to hours to run. It depends on how badly fragmented the computer system is.

It is now a good time to see if the internet and/or site are back up now. Of course if it is your internet, give the internet provider a buzz to see what is going on and how soon it will be fixed. If everything still is not working, it may be time to call it day and go enjoy the outdoors and family. For those who work at home, it may be the perfect time to get some cleaning done.