What To Do When Your Friend’s Boyfriend Hits On You

If you have been around the dating scene for quite a while, it is not unusual for you to get hit on and asked out on dates. Sometimes, even if you are not actively looking for someone to date either because you do not want to date anyone for the time being or you are already committed to someone, you would still meet some guys who would hit on you. In situations like these, it can be quite easy to rebuff any attempts especially if you do not know the guy. However, there are also times when you are interested in dating but someone is hitting on you who should not be doing so, such as your friend’s boyfriend. What to do when you find yourself at the receiving end of such advances? Below are some tips to help you.

• Ignore him. The first reaction is usually to ignore whatever come-ons the guy is giving you. You do not want to encourage him even in the slightest manner because he will definitely get the wrong impression. Human pheromones can drive people to intense levels of attraction but even if you are attracted to your friend’s boyfriend, it will be best for your friendship to ignore him.

• Be straight with him. If ignoring him does not work, talk to him and be straight about what you think and feel. Let him know that you love and respect your friend which is why you will not do anything that will hurt her. Make it clear to him that your loyalty lies with your friend. Do not even make any hints about going out with him if the situation is different because it might only encourage him to pursue you.

• Be clear about where you stand. It is possible that you also feel some sort of attraction towards your friend’s boyfriend but for as long as he is her boyfriend, you should not entertain any sort of relationship with him even if it is just harmless flirting. Put yourself in your friend’s shoes and think about how you would feel if the situation is reversed. So avoid the boyfriend if possible, stop wearing pheromone cologne if there is a chance that you will bump into him, and be clear with yourself about not entertaining the guy no matter what.

• Tell your friend about it. This is for the extreme situation where the guy cannot seem to get the fact that you will not entertain him and he continues to do and act inappropriately with you. Just remember to be gentle with how you tell your friend.