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What To Expect From A Martial Arts Class

If you have never been to a martial arts class but wish to take up the sport, then you are probably curious about what to expect. Each facility will have a slightly different approach to teaching the classes, but most follow a similar pattern when creating the routine for the individual classes. Click here to learn more about a facility offering martial arts in Livermore.

Arriving for Class

Most centers for martial arts in Livermore will have a particular dress code, often promoting or requiring the use of the traditional uniform. This is known as a karategi for karate or a judogi for Judo, and often referred to simply as gi or dogi. You will need to talk to the center about the requirements before you sign up for class. They will also provide you with other information you should know ahead of time so that you are prepared for your class.

Warm Up

Martial arts in Livermore are physical exercise, so it is important that you warm up appropriately, especially before you do any intensive moves that may overstrain a cold muscle. How your instructor will warm you up depends upon the class and instructor, but expect some type of calisthenics or other cardiovascular type exercise to get the body moving, blood flowing, and the synovial fluid to move to the joints. Once you are warmed up, you will move on to stretching to prepare the muscles for the different routines.


To excel at martial arts in Livermore, you need a strong, flexible body that also has the endurance to perform the physical activity over the time period of the class. Therefore, a section of the class will work on improving your physical fitness, including strength training, muscle conditioning, endurance training, and more. Typically, it will use different exercises that use your own body weight to work the different muscles in your body, especially those necessary for the discipline.

Focusing on the Moves

The next step in a class is to go over the basics and fundamentals of the discipline, known as kihon. This section goes over the correct body form for each move, as well as the breathing and the correct attitude. Even the most advanced levels will go through kihon or kihon ido during each class, because the foundations are an essential part of the entire discipline. After going through kihon, most classes will move into partner drills and other work with kicking pads or targets. Next, you will go through kata, which is the choreographed patterns of movement for the martial arts, which may be practiced solo or in pairs. You may also undergo kumite, which provides the opportunity to train against an adversary, using techniques from both kihon and kata. At the end of the session, you will always cool down and stretch to increase flexibility and reduce any risk of injury or problems.

Each individual class will differ, including teaching different moves, especially to the different skill levels. However, you can expect to undergo a similar cycle of warm up and condition, followed by the three sections of martial arts training: kihon, kata, and kumite and a cool down, at any class for martial arts in Livermore.

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