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What to expect from Body-Sculpting Aesthetic procedures?

Aesthetic clinics in Singapore are now offering unique, non-invasive body sculpting that can help you reach your ideal body size. But are these programmes really worth it? And what should you expect out of these programmes? Check out the two most popular treatments in Singapore, how they work and change your body.


Undoubtedly, Coolsculpting fat-reduction services in Singapore is widely tried by people who wish to reduce their body fat. The procedure is an alternative to invasive liposuction and uses Cryolipolysis, for destroying fat cells in the body. This is done by cooling fat cells to sub-zero degree temperatures, which kills cells and reduced fat. So, instead of experiencing usual weight loss, which involves reduction in muscle mass and water content as well, the individual witness reduction in fat.

What to expect from Cryolipolysis or Cool-Sculpting?
Reduction in visible fat or body mass is one of the first things you can expect from Cool Sculpting procedure. Since there is no recovery time after the procedure, you can go ahead and resume your normal activities. Slight redness and bruising may be involved, but it goes away within a few hours or weeks.

Now, fat loss in Cool Sculpting is done through exposure of cooling to the cell, which results in fat cell apoptosis, leading to release of inflammatory mediators. They slowly digest the cells and then pass them through the body, similar to how fat is processed in the form of cold. The procedure is usually results in loss of 4-6 pounds within a few weeks. Depending upon your weight and body fat percentage, you can expect a few sessions or sometimes even a single session to see the effects. You can also expect tightening and toning of skin.

Recommended for those who are close to their goal weight or body, but having troubles in reaching it, Liposonix in Singapore is a well-known non-invasive procedure that reduces your body fat percentage. This procedure is known for its custom contouring benefits, so you can expect a personalized single, one-hour session for yourself! The treatment uses ultrasound energy and low frequency for contouring.

What to expect?
Expect proper results between 8-12 weeks, as that’s the healing time taken by the body to treat fat. But otherwise, you can expect going a single size down after one hour session. You can get rid of fat around waistline, reduce 1 inch from the targeted area through a single session. Liposonix might not be the perfect treatment for obese individuals, although they can use this procedure to kick-start their fat loss. Since liposonix isn’t a replacement for healthy lifestyle, overweight and obese individuals should consider diet and exercise along with the procedure to get maximum effects.

So, get rid of that stubborn fat and issues. Choose any of these treatment procedures to get the kind of body you have always wanted!

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