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What to Expect From Your Parents Retirement Community

As your parents age, you may mutually decide it’s time for them to move into a retirement community. The myth that retirement communities are a place seniors can never escape from is far from true. Some retirement communities offer a fabulous lifestyle that seniors can’t wait to get to. Here are five things you should expect from your parents’ retirement community.

Other Independent and Active Adults

Remember that there is a difference between assisted and independent living. If your parents are in an independent community, they should be surrounded with other independent seniors. These communities are considered active adult communities where residents are ages 55+. These residents may be employed, still drive, and are active in their community. They should not be in the same living accommodation (such as floors or wings) of someone needing assisted living services.

A Comfortable Living Environment

Your parents may downsize their home moving into a retirement community; however, they should never downgrade. Their retirement community should be comfortable and able to suit couples as well as individuals. Typically, you’ll find retirement communities offering studio through two-bedroom housing options. Some communities even offer townhomes and single family homes. No matter what type of housing they have, they should be in a comfortable living environment.

A Carefree Lifestyle

One reason many seniors transition into a retirement community is to live a more carefree lifestyle. They don’t want the everyday hassles of cleaning their home, yard maintenance, and laundering. Retirement communities include all these services and more.
Safety is also of concern when looking for a retirement community. It should be a secure environment, so your parents aren’t afraid of coming to and fro.

A Social Atmosphere

It’s also expected the retirement community has plenty of social activities on the site. Residents generally have kitchens in their condo apartments and homes; however, the option to gather with friends and socialize for lunch or dinner should be available. Other activities your parents should have access to include:

• Education classes
• Arts and crafts
• Family nights
• Movie nights
• Fitness center
• Swimming pool
• Social interest groups
• Golf course
• Tennis

It’s recognizable that in some areas, these amenities may not be available. However, many retirement communities accommodate by offering discounts to nearby facilities that do offer these social activities for active adults.

Services and Amenities for Independent Seniors

As your parent may be independent, there are still many services that should be provided on campus. Onsite, residents should have access to activities they would normally have in their local neighborhood. They should be near banking services, libraries, and have computer access. Beauty and barber salons are often quite common to find in retirement communities. Moreover, if they feel the need, they should be able to use transportation services for social activities and medical appointments.

A residence, such as Green Hills Retirement Community, offers many active seniors the lifestyle mentioned above. Ensure your parents are moving into a retirement community that can accommodate their current lifestyle and offer other opportunities of interest to them.

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