What to Expect in a Drug Rehab Center

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There are times that you may want to enter a drug treatment facility, but something is hindering you. Maybe because you are confused and scared about what actually happens during the treatment. Being knowledgeable of what really to expect during a drug rehab treatment will be really helpful for you and it is a good way to start.

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Lots of people are uncertain on what to expect when they enter a drug rehab. Unfortunately, it is one of the common reasons why there are some people who are hesitant in going into a drug rehab center. Most rehabilitation centers totally understand that some patients might feel nervous in entering into a drug treatment facility, especially for those who experience treatment for the first time. For some who have already gone a treatment in the past, they might think how this time will be different from the last. Then again, patients should know that the professionals and staff in a drug treatment center will do their best to help every patient have a comfortable and effective recovery as possible.

Every rehab center gives their patient the right to decide whether they want to stay inside the rehab or not. If you enter the rehab knowing that you are going to abuse drugs again, then you are just wasting your money and time. However, if you choose to stay, here are the things you should expect.

Expect a Drug Detox

Detoxification is the first step once you decided to enter rehab. If you are physically dependent on drugs to the point that you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms once you stop taking drugs, detoxification process will help you overcome those withdrawal symptoms as safely as possible. Some rehab center provides their own detoxification programs, but these days, more rehab centers require patients to undergo detoxification before entering their facilities. In short, you may need to get clean before you can enter the rehabilitation center.

Expect Counseling and Group Therapy

Part of your recovery program is receiving individual counseling with a professional addiction counselor and you will probably ask to participate daily in a group therapy session with the other patients at the facility. By sharing your thoughts and experience with others, you can get effective advice from your counselor as well as support and understanding from the people who are also taking the same journey as yours. A study has proved that those patients who develop a strong support group have higher chance to have a successful recovery. A qualified rehabilitation center will help you create this support group; will do their best to help you learn the strategies to avoid relapse when you return home.

Expect a Family Therapy

Most effective treatment programs usually include your family members during your treatment. Research has shown that the inclusion of family members and friends in the process of recovery increases the chance of the recovery to be successful. In the sessions with the family, family members will learn more about the nature of addiction, learn how to encourage the patient to continue his/her recovery, talk about how they have been affected by your addiction and learn how to forgive and heal their wounds at the same time.

Expect an Aftercare Program

The rehab program doesn’t end the day you leave the facility. Most effective treatment centers will provide aftercare services through off-site visits of counselors. Successful treatment programs have strong aftercare services developed to meet every patient’s needs. The counselor will also suggest the next step to take.

Expect that entering the rehabilitation center is the beginning if your journey. Whether you are the patient or it’s someone you love, expect that there will be good and bad days. Be assured that the addiction professionals at a qualified rehabilitation center will do their best to provide the best treatment possible for you to manage addiction and have a healthy and happy life in recovery.

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