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What to keep in mind when restoring an old house

Restoring an old house that you inherited or bought can be a very fulfilling task – breathing a new life into a property that most people wrote off. On the other hand, it can also be a challenging task that can take up a lot of your time, nerves as well as money. We would like to talk about some of these challenges and things that you need to keep in mind when undertaking a restoration project.

Legal matters

Depending on the area where the old house is situated and its individual status, it can be protected by the conservation law. In such a case, your project may become limited in a number of respects. For instance, you will need to redo it so that it adheres to the aesthetic values of the surrounding area. You may also be instructed to only use traditional building materials that will not clash with the tone of the building.

Restoring the basic construction of the house

In many cases, you will find that an old house has structural problems that need to be addressed and if this is the case, you will need to be prepared for major works and for some serious money to be spent. You will need to hire a professional construction company to do this for you because they are the only ones who will be able to guarantee that the work is going to be done right and that there will be no future problems.

Taking care of insulation

Insulation is often a problem with old houses which were built in the years when modern solutions were not available and when insulation and energy efficiency was not considered seriously. For example, you will often find only the basic building materials used which provide very little insulation. In such situations, the best way to go is with professional gyprockers who will install gyprock panels which will provide you with the most cost-effective insulation both in summer and winter months.

Check the plumbing

Many people who decide to restore old houses soon find out that the plumbing in such buildings is often subpar, to say the least. This can include leaking pipes, even broken ones; gutters that do not do their job; leaking roof systems as well as fixtures inside the house that must be replaced. This is work that might take some time, but without it, your house will never be livable. Plumbing needs to be taken care of.

Redoing the electric installations

Electric installations are another matter that you need to take care of, especially if the house is very old and no work has been done in years. In such cases, it is more likely than not that the electric installations will not be the best, which means that they will pose a danger for you and your house in general. You should always call an electrician to do an audit of the entire house, identify potential problems and then fix them for you. This is absolutely essential because you do not want your new restored house to go up in flames just because you didn’t take care of the installations.

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