News What to Look for in a Used Audi Dealer

What to Look for in a Used Audi Dealer


When looking to buy a used Audi in Portland, finding the right dealership is almost as important as finding the right car. That is because the dealer will determine how simple the process can be. There are a few big aspects you should keep in mind when searching that will help the process run smoothly.
Find a Dealer That Boasts Great Customer Service
Offering great customer service is an absolute must for the dealer you choose to do business with. However, service is a very broad and vague category. Sure, it is nice if the salespeople greet you with a smile, but it is more important that they respect you and clearly have your best interests in mind while serving you in other areas. The aspect of great customer service is a general attribute that runs through your entire experience. Always keep it in mind, but a solid indicator that service is a priority to them would be if they boast it on their website.
Look for a Large and Wide Inventory
Simply put, the larger the dealer’s inventory, the better chance you have of finding the Audi in Portland you are looking for. This inventory can take many different forms, but it begins on their lot. That is the most basic inventory that a dealer has, and it serves as a basis for how large their selection really is. Additionally, many dealerships have access to more cars than they have on their lot. Make sure to ask a representative in case the car for you just is not on site. It is also extremely useful if you can browse all or most of their selection on their site.
Reliable Cars Are at the Core of a Dealership
This one should go without saying, but all the cars they offer should be reliable. This should be one of the first thing you check once you get on the dealer lot. If any of the cars, even some you are not looking at, do not appear to be in acceptable condition, there is a good chance they are not trustworthy. Of course, it goes both ways: A good dealer will cater to all price ranges, which means selling some lower quality cars for those who cannot afford to spend as much. The warning signs should come when a cheap or broken car is being sold at full price.
Your Dealership Should Offer Financing
Even if you do not need financing, or are not planning on getting financing through the dealer, the fact that they offer it means they want to make the buying process easier. A better sign is that their team is eager to work with you to craft a payment plan that works. This is where customer service makes a big difference. The dealer you choose to buy from should want to help you. If they are content to watch you get a bad auto loan, just so they can make a sale, start running.
When looking for an Audi Portland, the dealer you choose makes all the difference.

What to Look for in a Used Audi Dealer
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