What to Look for in an Executive Virtual Assistant

Are you a business owner looking to capitalize on the benefits of business process outsourcing (BPO)? Well, if you are, learning about the role of executive virtual assistants can help you in setting your goals.

BPO has long been a staple source of manpower for companies abroad looking for quality and affordable business support. And it is expected to develop more in years to come. Professionals that support companies abroad are usually known as executive virtual assistants. In hiring such, there are some qualities you should look for, including:

Good communication skills – The virtual assistant should be able to communicate well and skilled at using the English language. This is important in doing business with individuals abroad, particularly since most outsourced business involves phone support. The virtual assistant should be able to speak English as naturally as possible and write well without committing grammar errors.

Ability to handle stress – Working in a BPO setting can be quite stressful sometimes, particularly since most require night shift schedules to accommodate clients abroad. Thus, it is important for an associate to develop ways to handle stress. Having regular exercise schedule and eating good food can be a great way to remain healthy at work.

Willingness to learn – The virtual assistant should be able to absorb concepts quickly. He or she should be willing to accept instructions and directions, as they are important in doing processes effectively. Often, learning is time-bound. So the agent needs to quickly grasp concepts.

Can manage time wisely – Time management is another common skill among good virtual assistants. Effective agents know how to allot time to accomplish several tasks. This is very important in boosting the production of the company.

Have good research skills – Most tasks that will be assigned to the virtual assistant involve research. Thus, he or she should have the skills needed to do effective data gathering through the Internet and other mediums.

Hiring executive virtual assistants can do wonders for your business! In looking for candidates, remember to observe the above qualities in order to hire the right person.