What to Look for In Your Home Alarm System

No matter if you are single or have a family, knowing that your home is protected is always of concern. As you know, older model home alarm systems can be basic, and burglars know just how to get around less than complicated systems. So if you’re looking to install or upgrade, check out these four things to look for in your home alarm system.

Smart Device Control and Accessibility

Having a family and work responsibilities, you may be away from home more than a standard 8 hour day. Worrying about what’s going on in your home when you’re on vacation or traveling for business is greatly reduced having a system you can monitor 24/7 from your smartphone and other smart devices.

You can integrate your home alarm system with other monitoring services to keep an eye on your children and pets at any time. With the smart devices and services available today, you can control your thermostat, lock doors, control your shades to your windows, and turn lights on and off with an app installed on your phone.

Add-on Features When You Want Them

Your home alarm system will come with basic features such as alarming the home or smoke detection features. However, other features should be available for you to sign up at any time. Initially, it may not be feasible for you due to the installation costs. However, adding features such as securing other windows, controlling outdoor lighting, or medical monitoring should be easy to add on for you.

Automate Your Home

As mentioned, you can secure your home from your smart device. Have you ever left home and could not remember if you’ve left a window shade up, oven on, or the thermostat was set too high in your home? Having the right equipment such as security cameras and home automation tools keeps your home running efficiently at an inexpensive cost to you. Using these tools you can:

• Lock your doors
• View any room in your home at any time
• Monitor your pet’s whereabouts in the home
• Verify your children are inside the home and the doors are securely locked
• Pull your window shades down to conserve energy
• Adjust your thermostat

Helpful Customer Service

You just want your home to be secure; that doesn’t mean you need to know exactly how it works. The home alarm system you choose should have a helpful and knowledgeable customer service team available 24/7. Be it a question about your home security panel or warranty information, you need to have the answers quickly. Verify the level of support they have via telephone, email, and live chat support as well.

The equipment installed in your home should have superior warranty features, and it should not take tech support long to come out and help with any repair.

Remember, to safeguard your home, you need a security system that you can trust. Verifying the system has each of the above will give you the peace of mind you deserve.