What to put in Care Packages for Soldiers in Iraq – List of Acceptable Items

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If you’re looking at what to put in care packages for soldiers in Iraq, you may very well know someone that is fighting for freedom. If you would like to brighten the day for a member of the military, there are some great items you may want to include in the box of love you send out to them. Included in this article is a list of suggestions that you can include when you look to cheer up a member of the armed forces, serving their country.

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Books: During downtime, a soldier would most likely love the chance to get away from it all and read a good book. As you look into what to put in care packages for military personnel in Iraq, including a book or two is a great start.

Card Games: They are small and easy to send. Plus, they provide hours and hours of entertainment and allow them to get together with their fellow soldiers in the war and escape all that is going on around them. It’s a great item to include in any shoebox of love that you send.

Food/Drink: You need to be careful. There’s probably not going to be access to refrigeration, so you need to only send non-perishable food items. Rather than sending bottles or cans with drinks in them, consider sending individual packs of drink mixes that are added to water. Since they will generally have water at hand, having some flavoring will be welcomed by most members of the armed forces serving in the Middle East.

Writing Supplies: Pencils, pens, paper, envelopes and just about anything else you can imagine can be included to allow the soldier in Iraq to communicate with his or her loved ones. The care package that includes these items is better than the one that doesn’t. It’s among the very best items to include.

Pictures: You can include pictures taken with a camera, out of a magazine, or those that are hand-drawn by a child. This is a great way to include love in the box that you send out to the recipient. It’s a great addition to consider.

Notes and Cards: Not only can you include personal notes, but a thank you card would most likely be very well appreciated. You will find that something like this can brighten the spirits of the military members.

If you know someone serving the nation, you now know what to put in care packages for soldiers in Iraq.

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What to put in Care Packages for Soldiers in Iraq – List of Acceptable Items, Seekyt
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