What Type Of Mother Is She? Gift Ideas For All Types Of Mothers!

You have to think about great gifts for mothers only on two occasions in a year : her birthday and Mother’s Day. Admit it, she deserves a perfect gift at least on these two occasions. Make your mom a queen! If you’re a husband to an expecting wife, you’ve got to think about two ideal gift ideas – one for your mom, and one for the mother of your child.

Choosing the best gift doesn’t have to be a boring or stressful experience – read on to recognize the type of mother you have and all the rest will be a piece of cake! If you’re a father giving a present to mother(s), keep in mind that father’s day is coming soon, too!

What Type Of Mother Is She?

I’m not referring to the five most famous types of mothers in psychology. The question is what does the mother like or is passionate about and what are her positive or funny characteristics. Here’s a list of different types of moms to make it easier for you to decide on the best gift ideas for your mom!

#1 She’s a Book Club Mom!

Your mother is reading books whenever she can. She’s so into books that when she’s reading, you’re calling her a hundred times before she hears the voice ‘earth to mom, earth to mom!’ This is a good sign that she is the book club type of mom. So, a great gift idea to consider is a book, of course.

However, you may lack inspiration when it comes to choosing the right book – have you heard her talking about a certain book she’s interested in or about a movie based on a book that she hasn’t read yet? If not, remember that you can give her a gift card and let her choose the best book by herself.

Kindle is another gift item to consider if your mother loves reading. make sure you find out whether she’s like to have one (some people like the old-fashioned style).

#2 She’s a Gourmet Mom!

She loves spending time in the kitchen making great meals and cakes. Her primary interest is in the household and keeping her family happy. Gourmet type of moms would be happy with the following gift items:

  • kitchen-related gift items (small appliances, cookware items, tabletop items, kitchen utensils and gadgets, bakeware, kitchen knives, etc)
  • cookbooks

#3 She’s a Crafty Mom!

Your mother likes sewing, scrapbooking and similar hobbies. That makes her a crafty type of mother. Interesting gift ideas for crafty moms are: sewing machines, sewing and craft supplies, craft and hobby books, etc.

#4 She’s a Professional Mom!

Your mother loves cell phones, computers and electronic accessories. If you’re not sure about what she needs or desires in electronics, the best thing would be to get her a gift For The Techie Mom (available at Amazon.com).

#5 She’s An Artistic Type of Mom!

She’s interested in reading, listening to music, magazines, movies, video games etc. Unless you know what CD, magazine subscription, or DVD your mother would like to have, consider getting her a gift card such as The Amazon Gift Card For Music-loving Moms, Kindle Moms, Video Gamer Moms or Digital Moms or similar.

#6 She’s the Fashion Forward Mom!

There’s the type of mothers who love fashion and keeping trends so you may want to consider buying her clothes item(s) or some fashion accessories. You probably know her taste so it shouldn’t be difficult to find something that would make her feels special on her birthday, Mother’s day and in any other occasion.

#7 She’s the Pet-friendly Mom!

Your mom loves pets and pet accessories. In this case, she will probably be happy if you get her a gift that she can share with her loving pet. Maybe you’ve heard her talking about things she’d like her pet to have or you have your own idea about what would make them both happy. Of course, a gift card is always an option if you are in doubt.

#8 She’s a Fit Mom!

Your mother loves sports, fitness and wellness. In this case, the best choice would be items related to sports and outdoors, activewear, athletic shoes, fitness DVDs, or health and wellness books.

#9 She’s a Luxe Mom!

Besides clothing, shoes and bags, you may want to consider giving your mother a nice jewellery item. Pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets are all good choices. the trick is you need to know her taste in jewellery. Alternatives could be beauty-related items such as parfumes, makeup, bath and body items, and other beauty tools.

#10 She’s a Military Mom!

Interesting gift ideas for military moms are: pandora bracelet for The American military mom, navy mom military car window wall laptop decal sticker, proud navy mom license plate, proud army mom iPhone 4 or 4s cover, Soldier Love Story DVD, etc. Sandy Doell’s book Mom’s Field Guide: What you Need To Know To Make It Through Your Loved One’s Military Deployment is a very popular gift for military moms.

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If you still don’t know what to give your queen of the day, mothers gift baskets are also a great gift ideas for mothers. The most popular appreciation gift basket available at Amazon is the Victorian lace tea, spa and treats clock gift chest. I love this gift basket because it is designed in an elegant Victorian style and the wooden chest is hand painted (English roses theme). The clock is not just a decoration trick – it works normally – which makes the chest both functional and a nice home décor. The basket includes bath gel, body lotion, soothing body butter, body and an aromatherapy candle, and flower imitations. There’s a personalized gift card, too.

Photo source: Amazon.com

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If you haven’t found gift ideas for all types of mothers, share your ideas in the comment section below. What type of mother is your mom? Don’t forget, Mother’s Day is on May 13th this year.