What Vitamins Are Good to Take For Acne Skin? – Sort the Skin Problem

What Vitamins Are Good to Take For Acne Skin?

One common question in the field of pharmaceutics is what vitamins are good to take for acne skin. Acne as you know is a prevalent skin problem occurring during puberty to adulthood. Even adults suffer from this condition. Although, various treatments like medications, facial and laser treatments are available in the market, it is still strongly advice that preventive measures should be applied. This is done through proper nutrition, skin regimen and healthy lifestyle. Thus, identifying vitamins that are good for your skin not only for acne problem is imperative. With that, here are vitamins you can take for younger looking skin.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a widely known anti-oxidant that promotes younger looking skin aside from the fact that it is good for the eyes. Furthermore, numerous dermatologists prescribe either topical or oral dosage forms of vitamin A due to its capabilities to reduce oil production and heal damaged tissues. One study showed evident facts that vitamin A deficiency would result to acne. However, be reminded that recommended daily dosage should still be followed. Side effects such as hair loss, headaches and dizziness can be experienced once excess amounts of vitamin A are absorbed by the body.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is widely known to increase metabolism. However, vitamin B6 can also be used for acne treatment cause by hormone imbalance during pre-menstrual cycle. It was concluded that testosterone levels increase before menstruation causing acne breakouts. Vitamin B6 works by aiding in the proper metabolism of steroid hormones hence, regulating hormone levels. Furthermore, it is also required for proper functioning of the adrenal gland.

Vitamin C

To elaborate more your question, what vitamins are good to take for acne skin, vitamin C is another vitamin you can take. Widely known as an anti-flu vitamin, it is also used to promote healthier skin. This is due to its capabilities to heal wounds, fight infection and repair damaged tissues. It is also consider as a potent anti-oxidant. Thus, a daily dose of vitamin C is imperative. However, it is strongly advised to restrict your intake within 500mg to 1,000mg. This is primary because long term use of excessive amounts of vitamin C can cause kidney problems. Thus, it is also advised to increase water intake.

Vitamin D

Sunlight may be dangerous but vitamin D is necessary to promote healthier skin. This vitamin has anti-inflammatory effects that helps fight acne breakouts. Aside from that, it can also regulate hormone imbalances. However, as mentioned above, it is strongly recommended to be only exposed to morning sunlight specifically from 6AM to 8AM. The sun’s rays can already be damaging beyond that hours.

Vitamin E

Like vitamin A and C, vitamin E is also a potent anti-oxidant. Study shows that it is also potent in the treatment of skin problems like acne. It can dry pimples within days and reduce scar appearances. Furthermore, it is also very effective in harmonizing your skin tone.


Synthetically prepared vitamins used as supplements is popular today. However, it is still best to get your daily dose of vitamins from its natural resources such as poultry, fruits and vegetables. Nonetheless, these are all the answers to your question, what vitamins are good to take for acne skin.