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What Vitamins are Good to Take for Acne Skin?

The condition of acne is a commonly occurring skin disorder but what vitamins are good to take for acne skin? No one, a boy or a girl, man or woman is comfortable with looking themselves in the mirror and seeing blackheads and pimples on their faces. Acne does not choose between boys or girls. It is a condition that is mostly experience by adolescence and young adults. Skin with a clear complexion free of blemishes and pimples is envy to many.

To stay clear of acne skin as well as treat the condition, there are several vitamins and minerals that one an take in regular amounts. For complete treatment and to get those clear, glowing cheeks from a healthy skin, it is important to follow and strictly adhere to a vitamin regime. Vitamins are not only used to maintain and uphold good skin but they also keep the entire body healthy.

Looking at Acne

What vitamins are good to take for acne skin? Generally, all illnesses and ailments are symptoms of a chemical or hormonal imbalance. In targeting a holistic treatment and complete cure of acne from the skin, the doctor or dermatologist, whichever one that is treating the acne, should approach the anomaly from a mental, emotional, spiritual as well as a physical point. The treatment therefore, should address the whole wellbeing of the individual. However, particular attention should be given to the diet of the victim.

Health care practitioners in Ayurvedic medicine believe that acne is an internal imbalance rather than external elements. This is not very far from the believe of the conventional medicine practitioners. Acne disorder of the body’s skin is primarily caused by impurities in the blood, taking improper diet and an imbalance in chemicals and hormones. There are those dermatologists however, who believe that these claims are baseless because do not have scientific evidence. The ones who believe in diet healing strongly suggest taking diets rich in vitamins. With all this information, what vitamins are good to take for acne skin?

Treatment of Acne with Vitamins

Radiant and healthy looking skin needs good nutrition. The recommended intake of vegetables and fruits is 3 to 5 servings of vegetables and fruits every day. A vitamin and minerals deficiency does affect the body’s management of immunal and optimal functions and in this regard, the skin. It has been advised by doctors that overuse of multivitamins is a bad substitute for taking healthy and organic vitamins.

Vitamins Needed

Vitamin A group of foods are good foods to treat acne and skin disorders. They include retinoids that are derived from vitamin A. A prescription of retinoid is given by dermatologists to be taken orally by the afflicted. Omega-3 fatty acids are nutrients from fish oil, zinc, selenium and chromium and have both mood regulating and anti-acne properties. Zinc is another nutrient that is recognized as a treatment for acne skin disorder. Vitamins C and E have antioxidant properties and daily dose intake of these vitamins improve the healthy of skin especially one with acne.

What vitamins are good to take for acne skin? Good diet is generally beneficial to the entire functioning of the body.

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