What You Don’t Know About Shampoo Can Hurt Your Hair

Two common questions come up again and again about shampoo. They pretty much come down to how often and what kind. As in how often should you shampoo your hair and what kind of shampoo should you use when you do.

How Often Depends On

Obviously there are a few things that affect the how often question. One would be your hair type. Is it fine or thick? Does it get oily easily or not? How curly is it?

Others would be do you work out, spend lots of time in the pool, or live where it’s predominately hot and humid?

The overall health of your hair should be taken into consideration as well.

Finally how dependent is your hair on styling products.

These and more all should all come into play when trying to figure out how often to lather up.

What’s in Your Shampoo?

Next point to ponder is that the kind of shampoo you use affects your hair directly. I’d hope you knew this but had to ask. By what kind you want to think what’s in it. You see, in general, shampoos contain specific ingredients (read: chemicals) that are designed to cleanse your hair of all the oil and grim that builds up over the course of a day or two.

Some manufacturers may at times resort to using relatively strong chemicals in order to get their products to efficiently do their job – think dandruff shampoos.

Others may put in chemicals that help their product lather nicely since we often mistakenly equate plenty of lather with cleansing.

But along with cleansing the substances found in some of these products can also rob your hair of its natural shine. Result? The more often you wash your hair the drier it gets until it has officially passed into the damaged category.

But c’mon. It’s impossible not to ever use shampoo, right? For the most part, yes. But you can clean your hair without causing it to lose its shine and maybe even help it to look better too. Because there are shampoos available that can do some amazing things.

Take those specifically formulated for color treated hair. The right (read mild) shampoo can help extend the life of your color actually by not extracting the color molecules out of your strands. Others employ a little bit of alchemy that works by depositing a bit of color pigment on the surface of your strands. Granted this color doesn’t have the staying power of permanent or even demi permanent dyes so the effect can be rinsed away fairly easily. But used once or twice a week you will be redepositing color which can stretch the time between colorings while keeping your color vibrant looking.

It’s also smart to use a shampoo designed for your hair type. For example volumizing shampoos for fine hair would be one.

Little Known Trick to Try: You can make ordinary shampoo into a somewhat serious body builder by simply mixing a quarter teaspoon of all-purpose flour into a dollop of shampoo and washing with that. Emulsify the concoction in your hands as you normally would first and see if that can’t pump up the volume just a bit.

Specialized Shampoos

Styling products can also work wonders for your mane.

  • They can add volume where there is none.
  • They can help you control frizz.
  • They can make it possible to hold a style regardless of the weather.

But all these benefits come at a price. They can leave behind unwanted product build up or lingering residue that makes it harder for these little miracle workers to work. Not to mention the leftovers can irritate the scalp of some.

There is a way to break this hold on your mane that weighs things down. It can transform your hair and restore its previously lustrous self. That would be to use a good quality clarifying shampoo weekly.

You would also want to do this is you are beach or pool side a lot. The right clarifier can wash away undesirable salt or chlorine deposits that cling to your strands.

Now if your hair tends to break off easily you might look into a strengthening shampoo. They can make it more resilient and less likely to snap off when styling.

Those with curls might benefit from curl defining shampoo or just from shampooing less often to begin with.

Then don’t forget that you want to apply conditioner pretty much every time your wash your hair. Also most would benefit from deep conditioning at least two or three times a month.

You may have suspected that not all shampoos are created equal and now you know. They aren’t. So use ones that are especially made for your hair type so maintaining different hairstyles and textures will be more of less effortless.