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What You Need to Do to Sell a House Faster

Our country’s current economy has more homes for sale than any other time in real estate history. The average house for sale in America is on the market for at least nine months. Nine months is an enormous amount of time to basically have your life on hold while your house is on the market for sale. Tons of homeowners would like to know what you need to do to sell a house faster.

Having your home sell faster doesn’t necessarily mean you have to reduce your price, negotiate tougher with buyers or fire your real estate agent. There are a number of different things that you can do as a seller to make your house sell faster.

As a homeowner that has a house for on the market there are several things that you need to do before you sell a house to make this happen.

Cleaning and organizing will sell a house faster

Cleaning and organizing your home will sell a house much faster for a number of reasons
• gets everything ready for a move from your current home to a new home
• a homeowner can have a garage sale before the move to earn some extra money
• identify fixes that need to be made to the home before selling
• allows buyers to view the entire home which makes it easier to sell your house
• makes for a better home appraisal
• many times a cleaner and more organized house will sell closer to the sellers asking price

Getting your house clean and organized is a chore that can be accomplished free of charge by most homeowners with some elbow grease. Lots of times the family can pitch in to complete the undertaking. It’s generally something that you were going to do anyway and simply going about it systematically with a set deadline is the only difference.

Remember, when you have a home for sale there are buyers that will want to look at the plumbing and electrical of a house that are located in places that you don’t visit on a regular basis and need a good once over. Clean from under the kitchen sink and in your medicine chest because they will be there taking a peek. The bottom of a bedroom closet along with under the bed is not off limits for a buyer when you have a home for sale.

Enhancing the curb appeal of your home will sell a house faster

The curb appeal aspect of any home for sale is extremely important. Taking care of the curb appeal of a piece of property will help you sell a house faster. There are some homeowners that spend all of the big dollars on the inside with the assumption that once they get in they will love it. Without some great curb appeal many buyers will simply pass by and never make it inside of a lovely home.

Trim the hedges and power spray your deck. Clean your gutters and fix the broken step. How about several nice rose bushes along the side of the house? Spend the extra dollars to make your curb appeal add something more to sell your house faster.

Fixes that need to be done should be completed to sell a house faster

Now is the time to make the necessary fixes that a homeowner has put off completing. The faster necessary fixes are completed the faster a house will sell. If you have identified cosmetic fixes that are nice to do, but fairly inexpensive make these changes as well.

If you haven’t painted in over 5 years, now would be a great time to make this very appealing fix for a home. That broken dishwasher that you really need to repair because it runs pretty loud and the garbage disposal that may be on the fritz should be fixed as soon as possible to sell your home faster.

Make your home as impersonal as possible to sell a house faster

Everyone has a home that is unique. When you sell a house buyers aren’t looking for uniqueness. This means that you if you have picked out the odd shade of green for the bathroom or have a wall full of family reunion photos some changes must be made. Most buyers have an appeal for a home that they can see their own family living in.

Painting your walls a nice neutral shade or shade of white as well as removing as many personal items from your décor is a great way to get your home off of the market and sold.

These are a number of things you will need to do to sell a house faster.

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