What you need to know if you decide to get a bunny rabbit as a pet

Rabbits are becoming a very popular pet not just with children but with adults too. These creatures can be trained to be obedient and can if you have the patients do tricks just like cats and dogs. Rabbits are not just cute, but are also very lovable. Give them some time till they feel settled in their new home, and they will give you hours of fun and entertainment.

Rabbit are naturally inquisitive thingsChoosing Your Rabbit
The only difference between a male and female rabbit is their behavior. The male seems to be a little bit more relaxed compared to the females. Females are not vicious; it’s just that they aren’t as tolerable compared to male rabbits. Some vets will tell you that the male rabbit seems to be less aggressive than the female.

One or Two Bunny Rabbits

Contrary to some opinions, rabbits don’t always need companions. If you are around your home and plan on interacting with your rabbit on a continuous basis, then you’re not going to need to get them a buddy. Just make sure you put lots of toys in their cage to keep them entertained. Play with them for a few hours each day, and they will be happy. Don’t yell at them if they misbehave, just give them a time out for in their cage for bad bunny behaviour.

However, if you’re going to get a rabbit and just keep them in a cage all day, then they are going to get bored. Rabbits like nothing better than just being let run around your garden or kitchen for hours at a time. In this case another bunny rabbit as a buddy would be a good idea.

Spay/ Neuter Your Bunny Rabbit
If you decide to get a rabbit and you don’t plan on breeding them, then you’re going to want to spay or neuter your pet. Otherwise you really will have aggressive rabbit/s in your household. Not only that but you can be guarantee that if you have a male and a female rabbit it won’t be one baby rabbit you get, more like five.

If you have a male rabbit and get it neutered, you will reduce the chance of them spraying you with their urine as they get older. When male rabbits come of age, 6 months, they get a little bit aggressive and will do the odd bit of grunting, spraying and running around your legs. They adopt the attitude of thinking that you’re their female equivalent. This will include lots of spraying on you and around your house, so neutering is worth thinking about.

Your vet will advise you to vaccinate your bunny rabbit/s against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease. These two diseases are deadly to your pet and if they are outside in the countryside, they might come into contact with wild rabbits that carry these viruses. These injections are only required once a year and some veterinarians only give you the Myxomatosis injection depending on where you’re located. So don’t worry do much about that, usually it the Myxomatosis that is the one to worry about as it is very easy for them to catch.

Owning a rabbit is not that expensiveIs Owning a Rabbit Expensive
When you think about owning a rabbit you always think that you will need to go out and buy a large hutch which is quite expensive. But if you do your research you will see that depending on whether your pet is going to be homed inside or out, different cages will be required.

The hutch is really a nice safe place that your rabbit can hang out in. This is where they will disappear to when they want to sleep or just get some peace and quiet. The main benefit of getting a hutch is that your rabbit is protected from predators.

But if you live in a climate where you expect snow, rain and wind then you need to consider housing your pet inside either in the house or in your garage in an indoor hutch. This way they are protected from the elements outside.

If you have a garage attached to your home, then you could set up a hutch and rabbit pen in there, if you have space. Add lots of bedding and some toys to this area when you’re at work so that they don’t get bored. In this case you might get away with a one story cage. You wouldn’t need a hutch with an upstairs.

The cost of feeding a rabbit isn’t terribly expensive. It’s about the same or less than a cat. You will already be buying carrots, apples, herbs and other vegetables when you do your weekly grocery shopping, so why not add a few extra for you little pet. However these are treats so less is more. One every 2-3 days is sufficient to give your rabbit cabbage, carrots, parsley etc.

Food and Drink
Rabbits need to be able to have access unlimited amounts of hay and water available to them. These two substances help aid digestion which is quite important to keep a rabbit’s digestive system healthy. Your own vet will recommend you give your rabbit pellets which again contain high fibre content which help their system. These are easy enough to buy in any pet store and again are not any more expensive than cat food.

When You’re Not At Home

When you’re not at home, don’t let your pet have free run of the house. Rabbits are nibblers. So if you have wires, wood or furniture around your house (who doesn’t) then you need to watch your little pet constantly. Wall corners, rugs, carpets, chair legs, table legs, peat briquettes, doors, phone wires, phone charger wire and even books that are on the lower shelf will at some point meet your bunny rabbit’s teeth.

They like to nibble on things, and do not have any preference to what that is as long as it’s near them and it’s convenient located in their line of sight. If you turn you head away for a minute, they will find do damage. However they don’t do it on a continuous basis. It happens when they are bored and when they want attention.

Rabbits also like you to spend time with them.Spend Time With Your Pet
If you own a bunny rabbit, you need to spend some quality time with it just like you would a dog or cat. Don’t just get one and leave them hanging out in their hutch all the time. Interaction is quite important to help this little creature develop their personality. The more time you spend with them, the quicker you will see how cute and funny they can be and how naughty they can sometimes be too.

Identify You
You might ask yourself how your pet knows who you are. Well unlike other pets the rabbit’s eyes are on the side of their head. So you always need to approach them from their side. They identify who you are by scent, voice and appearance. After a while when you walk into a room, you little pet will know immediately who you are by your appearance. Isn’t that amazing.

So next time you visit the pet store stop of at the rabbit section and see if any catch your eye.

Did You Know? Did you know that you can compost rabbits’ litter? So you’re also doing your bit to protect the environment in your spare time.