What You Should Know About Gateway Refurbished Laptop Computers

What are refurbished computers?

What are Gateway refurbished laptop computers? Refurbished means renewed or renovated. On the other hand, Gateway, a subsidiary of Acer Inc., is an international computer hardware establishment that manufactures, develops and markets many different kinds of computers—personal and laptop computers including computer monitors, computer servers and other computer accessories.

Also, when you say reconstructed or renewed, it would make people think that there is something wrong with the unit mechanically speaking. It probably is a reason but not always. Nonetheless, there are reasons why a unit is returned, and in the case of Gateway refurbished laptop computers, these units are still worth buying and can be bought at a cheaper price.

Refurbished Gateway Computers – Great Deals

A number of companies sell and resell Gateway computers including the Gateway refurbished laptop computers. One of them is the company TechTurn. TechTurn is a trusted name in computer selling and reselling. There are also online shops that offer refurbished units for sale, although with some missing components.

When one purchases a laptop or a notebook, it always depends on the buyer’s requirement and price range. As for refurbished or units repaired or reconstructed to meet the original requirements, purchasing one even with missing features like a CD –ROM is almost a steal, because the price is almost half compared to the new ones. If the refurbished unit has a missing component, you can simply look for that component in online shops or even in your local computer stores that may be have that part for sale. This is a good way to save money when buying computer units.

Cheaper yet a Good Buy or Just Waste of Precious Money?

A refurbished computer unit typically has been used, but is in good condition. These units are usually returned by the first owner due to some issues, but are deemed still acceptable for usage. Some of the parts may have been replaced, and instead of junking the units, they are fixed to work like brand new. But the computers are labeled “refurbished” so as to keep the brand’s integrity to its customers.

Are you really getting your money’s worth when buying these refurbished brands? Although the prices of many laptop brands have dropped in recent years, they are still costlier than desktops. And in these critical times, stretching your money is important. So the attraction of buying refurbished sets rather than new units has never ever been better. So to answer the question as to whether you are getting your money’s worth is actually relative.

Here are some “truths” about refurbs. Famous companies that sell computers have their own say about this. This article will discuss it one by one.

On IBM—although some models are almost half the price of the newer sets, IBM only gives a return period of seven days while warranties are good for three months. For many people, this is more likely to cause them future expenses than necessary.

On Gateway—with some of its cheap priced units, you will still realize later on that as you try to search the net and do some assignments regarding refurbished computers, marketing strategy influences most of the selling. Why? Taking into consideration the specifications of different units, the real score is that, new units are only differs with reconstructed ones at around 10% of the price. Would you believe that?

The Pro’s and the Con’s

There are factors to take into consideration as you shop for refurbished units. If you don’t have much experience on shopping for refurbished computers, you may have limited available options. You cannot pick out or choose parts you may need especially when ordering laptops or notebooks. And it is doubtful why a product is returned in the first place. It could be because the owner gave up on the unit due to its flickering effects or that it shuts down for no reason and you didn’t know why it did so. It could also be that the entire box, though the unit was untouched, was returned because the previous buyer changed his mind about his purchase.

One of the primary reasons why many people purchase refurbished computers is because of their needs. There are those who just buy computers so that they can access their emails, social networking sites and simple office tasks such as financial trackers and household documentations. These simple tasks do not need to be done on a laptop or desktop with prime specs, so a refurbished computer will do. For a lot of computer users, going for refurbished units is a more practical and convenient way, instead of investing too much on a brand new unit.

Refurbished vs. Brand New

To sellers of refurbished items, the biggest disadvantage of carrying refurbished machines is in the cost of maintenance and test runs that have to be done before a customer buys the computer. Most buyers are aware of the issues with refurbished machines, which is why warranties have to be provided and the seller must be trustworthy.

The regular warranty and return policy might be changed especially for renewed computer units but it is better than none at all. Basically in new computers, there is a one month return policy while a one year warranty can be provided by big computer stores. As with refurbished computer units, a good seven-day-return-to-seller warranty is given, most of which have a maximum of only 3 months of warranty including parts, labor and phone tech support. In purchases such as this, it is best to be aware of the terms and conditions that are included in the warranty.


Many people choose to buy Gateway refurbished laptop computers mainly because of the price. But when buying a unit, it is best to consider the pros and cons, and the long-term benefits from doing so. Refurbished computers may be missing parts or have parts that had been replaced with substandard components, so it is best to check the terms of the warranty provided by the seller.