What You Should Know When Purchasing Lingerie In Another Country

Traveling abroad is not only exciting; but unlike our male counterparts we enjoy spending a few dollars on a new outfit or a few pieces of lingerie that is unique and one-of-a-kind. What you brought in your suitcase will fit you; but you find that when you go to purchase your one-of-a-kind garment the size is different.

Body shapes, design and creation for both top and bottoms take on a different character when you place it on your body. When I went to Australia and went to purchase a bra and panty set I found the bra itself fit a little differently. Not understanding that they use centimeters and we use inches, I realized that there was a slight difference.

The guide will give provide you with “how to buy lingerie in another Country” and gives you a clear understanding on what you should do when selecting your lingerie.

1. When you buy bra in Australia make sure you look at the size chart. Ask someone for assistance if you don’t know what type of lingerie you are searching for.

2. Don’t purchase lingerie assuming it’s the right size; figure it out before you purchase it.

3. Whether bra, panties, camisoles or sleepwear before you scoop up that elegant piece to add to your collection gather all of the information about what you are purchasing.

4. Purchase lingerie that looks good on your body, not because it’s exclusive but it has to look good when you slip it on. Lacy or frilly panties and padded bras on a shape without curves look magnificent when it fits perfectly on your body.

5. Pay attention to washing instructions. Don’t throw a beautiful piece of lingerie in the washer and dryer when it requires hand wash.

When you are purchasing lingerie in another Country your size 8 could be a size 10 or 12 in another country. Make sure you know your size according to that country and don’t go off of what your current size is. Never assume when it comes to purchasing sensual lingerie while you are traveling.

Buying lingerie while traveling abroad can be a wonderful experience if you know what you are searching for and what you are going to add to your collection. Always take pride in caring for your new purchases and don’t shove them in the suitcase when you leave. Lingerie can last a lifetime if cared for properly.