What's Cool About the Garmin 410

The Garmin 410 is a really nice option for workout enthusiasts looking for a high-tech, yet reasonably-sized and comfortable sports watch. Unlike some others that are over-sized or require a series of small button pushes to get feedback, the Garmin Forerunner 410 is smaller and uses a unique method of navigation. Check out these cool features in the Garmin 410 that might just make this the perfect sports watch for you to use to get the feedback you need to improve your results.

All the Basics are Covered

The Garmin 410 has you covered for the basics that you would expect from a quality GPS-enabled sports watch. With a high sensitivity GPS receiver you will have no trouble maintaining contact with a satellite, even in the city or in the trees. The core features of time, distance, calories, and pace are covered. It will even track your elevation – a cool feature. One of the best upgrades in the 410 vs. the 405 is the connection to GPS which is very fast in the Garmin 410. You won’t have to stand around waiting to obtain a signal.

Buttons Not Required

The 410 offers a touch bezel to navigate from screen to screen. This is a really cool feature for those who don’t want to fumble around to push buttons while they run to get additional feedback as in-workout selections are quick and simple. This feature takes a little getting used to but once you are accustomed to it you may never want to go back.

Smart But Looks Normal

The Garmin 410 is a very sophisticated piece of technology but, unlike other GPS-enabled sports watches, it looks quite normal on the wrist. That means you can wear it during the day without feeling like you have a computer strapped to your wrist, while still getting all of the features you’d expect from a high-end workout watch. The small size is both attractive and comfortable at the same time.

Other Goodies

Uploading your results when you get home couldn’t be easier with the ANT + Sport wireless upload feature. You won’t need to use wires to get your data online. Tracking laps is simple with the lap tracking feature that will store results for each lap separately for you to break down later. There is a virtual partner feature that is very cool. You can save data before a workout and run against a virtual partner while you workout, getting a visual of how your pace is compared to the partner. This also works with a past run of your own or of a friend’s.



If you already have a heart rate monitor strap, the 410 is ready to go for tracking heart rate. If not, this is a great option to add. You can add a foot pod to get GPS-like feedback even while you are in the gym where a GPS signal is not possible. For bicyclists, a bike sensor and mount are available which perfect the feature set that you get when pedaling. The 410 will go right from one event to another and keep on tracking you.

The Garmin 410 has some cool features indeed. It’s not the swimmer’s choice like the Garmin 310, but there are a lot of options out there in the GPS-enabled sports watch arena that fall short. If you are looking for a smaller size that is comfortable, a touch bezel for fast in-workout screen changes, a fast yet strong GPS connection along with a full feature set, the Garmin Forerunner 410 is a great option.