What's Different About Kindle Fire HD?

There is a new Kindle Fire in the house, but what’s different about the Kindle Fire HD? Take a quick look at the new features in the Kindle Fire HD vs Kindle Fire that was the previous high-end model from Kindle. There is a lot to love about the new big brother to the Fire.

HD Image

The image has received an upgrade, now offering a 1280 x 800 display with HD 720p a possibility. The original Fire had a slightly smaller display and was not in HD. The viewing angle of the Fire HD is wider as well, so everyone can see a movie – even from the side.

Dolby Audio

The sound has received a significant upgrade as well which will please those who watch movies or listen to music on their tablet PC. the dual driver stereo speakers are among the best available in any tablet, so you won’t be sorry you purchased this device when it comes time to watch your favorite show.

the new Kindle Fire HD is a serious upgradeFaster Speed

With a dual-band antenna Wi-FI, downloads should be faster with the Kindle Fire HD than with other tablets. The processor received a slight upgrade as well to help processing times.

More Storage

One knock against the Fire was the 8 GB of onboard storage. The FIre HD comes in 16GB or 32GB versions, bringing it in line with other high end models. The 4G version even offers up to 64 GB.

Longer Battery Life

The battery can now last up to 11 hours on a single charge. That means you can leave the cord at home and work or play on the device all day long.

More Ports

Now the Kindle Fire comes with ports to give you better connectivity options. A micro USB 2.0 port means you can connect to your home computer or Mac and the micro-HDMI port allows direct connection to a TV for watching content on the big screen.

Front-Facing Camera

Another pitfall of the old Fire was the lack of camera, but the new Kindle Fire HD comes equipped with a front-facing HD camera that makes free Skype video calls easy as pie. This was an important change to the Kindle.

Kindle FreeTime

One really neat feature for anyone with kids is Kindle FreeTime. This feature allows you to setup different access for all of your kids to customize access to content and online time for each of them perfectly. No more worrying about a youngster replying to your email or deleting a document or viewing the wrong movie. Kindle FreeTime will be very popular with parents.

The Kindle Fire HD comes in 7′ and 8.9′ version, with the latter offered in a 4G package that is the cheapest around. With the many upgrades from the prior version, it seems clear that the Fire will continue to be the most popular small tablet found anywhere.

Now that you know what’s different about Kindle Fire HD, go ahead and check it out!