What’s new for the ERP Vendors

ERP Vendors

Enterprise Resource Planning has come a long way since the time of inception. There was a time when the monopoly of the vendors existed. However, as the times passed by many new vendors have come into the stage and that is new features have kept on adding. The vendors are coming up with new features and added advantages. A customer always looks for reliable and faithful service with quality vendors. As the vendors are offering more features and added advantages, so you must look for the newest additions of the vendors while choosing a vendor for ERP. Here are the new things that you must look for.

ERP Vendors

Finance Management

Finance Management is the most critical part of the ERP solution. As a customer, you must make sure that the offered deal of ERP solution is for the best price. This can also be called as Cost Management. The vendors now days provide low cost deals with separate finance management. The cost of the solutions is generally divided in the phases of the deal. You need to pay some amount during purchasing the solution and then some after the deployment and so on. This gives you better financial stability and cleared picture for the ERP software solution.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management or the people associated with the ERP solutions are another important for the vendor-customer relationship. Today the vendors offer the deployment and implementation along with the license for the ERP solutions. You can get specialized ERP technicians and engineers from both Technical and Functional point of views. These may be third party or direct employees of the vendors that can take all the headache of implementation and successfully complete the project.

Customer Relationship

The relationship between the customer and the vendors is of trust and goodwill. The vendors understand the point very well; they try to provide very high customer focused environment and atmosphere. The best part of the customer relationship is that they understand the customer concerns and work accordingly. The market is dynamic now and that has given the customers the upper hand and they enjoy very well maintained and quality customer relationship from the vendors.


Customization is an integrated part of the ERP solutions. The requirements of every organization are unique and different. As a customer, it is hard to say that requirement won’t change even in mid way and hence customization remains a key point throughout the process. The vendors are now capable of handling customization much better than they used to provide. The enhanced technology and focused process allow more customization for the customers.


Every organization has one existing system and that needs to be integrated with the new ERP solution. The vendors are now well capable of integrating the challenging business. You do not lose your data and then get migrated to a new world of technology and dynamics with the excellence of ERP.

The vendors are always innovating and finding new ways to offer something more than others do to stay alive in the competition. This is the best part of ERP solutions from customer’s point of view.