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What's special about Xiaomi Mi3?

I was amazed to hear that the sale of a smartphone has crashed the major online retailer of India namely flipkart. The price of the mobile (Xiaomi Mi 3) as well as the features are really incredible.It has so many good features at a very affordable cost.Here are some key features of the smart phone which is seeing a very big increase in its sale across the world.

MI 3

Key Features

  • Full HD Recording for videos
  • Android v4.4.2 OS
  • 5 inch screen
  • 13 MP Primary camera & 2 MP Secondary (Amazing)
  • storage 16GB (Internal)
  • 2.3 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 8274AB Quad Core Processor
  • All other smart phone features like wifi, Tethering, Navigation features include


Quality is awesome , top notch with the likes of iphones and windows mobile. If you are a samsung phone user like me till now, you will hold the phone in your hands with a great feeling. It will be something very very special to you especially if your are a samsung user.One hand using is effortless and the in total, the outlook is just simply superb.


Its not as big as note II. It is having a 5 inch display which i think is the best for a modern smart phone with all features. The HD Video would be a treat to watch and the color details is also damn good.


This was a big surprise.It was not as bad as other 13 MP Mobiles but photos taken in low level lighting was bit disappointing though Video Recording is great with detailing.


The speed was pretty good and the pre-installed stock browser works good in Wifi. There will be considerable difference when you use it without high speed network. It was a completely different experience without Wifi.


This is not the phone you would choose if you are thinking of a vociferous atmosphere. It is good to hear in a calm atmosphere but not in a noisy surroundings. They are good enough for you to hear in a calm empty room.


Some of the major problems of this phone as of now:

  1. Sim card tray is designed so badly that you will have to test your patience until you open that.
  2. Heating up fastly is a major setback especially while updating.
  3. The back design is pretty flat and slippery, You might require to buy a case.

Case for MI 3

All said, MI 3 Stands out in a separate league with all its competitors as far as the budget is concerned. The only smart phone that might threaten its sale in the features and budget constraints is Moto g which i feel is still behind Xiaomi MI 3.

Check out the product in amazon or flipkart if you from India.

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