What's the Best Thing about Tarn-X Silver Glaze Silver Polish? Everything!

Tarn-X Silver Glaze Silver Polish Product Review

If you have wondered how effective Tarn-X Silver Glaze Silver Polish is, the following is a consumer product review of the effects of using a 20-year-old bottle of Tarn-X Silver Glaze Silver Polish on very badly tarnished antique silver and silver-plated items.

The Problem – Silver Packed Away Wet After a Flood

Recently I lived through the triple nightmare of dealing with a flood in my Nashville home, living in a hotel for 8 months, and having many of my possessions brought back to me damaged, broken and mildewed by the cleanup company after the flood. The ServiceMaster team that packed me out obviously used untrained monkeys to pack my earthly possessions when I wasn’t looking.

The Result – Badly Tarnished & Corroded Silver

Some antique silver and silver-plate items were not only been packed up wet, but came back with some kind of goop on them that caused the silver pieces to stick together. Even the boxes some silver pieces were stored in had mildewed. Since the silver was not in the direct flood area, I am hard pressed to figure out how these items came to be packed up wet and gooey, but when they were returned, they were black, crusty, gooey, stuck together, and in bad shape. Three silver-plated antique walnut picks were covered completely in such a thick crust of flaking black tarnish to the point of being corroded that I nearly threw them out on the spot.

Product Details

The Test – A 20-Year-Old Bottle of Previously Opened Tarn-X Silver Glaze

With all my boxes not yet unpacked, my pantry not yet set up and not having time to make a special trip to the store, I remembered I had a very old bottle of 8 oz. of Tarn-X Silver Glaze Silver Polish I had purchased years ago for $4.99 at a SupeRx drug store in my area. Since SupeRx was purchased by Revco in 1994, that is an indication of how old this bottle of Tarn-X was. With some trepidation I opened my previously used bottle of Tarn-X and discovered that almost two decades of sitting in a closet had caused the liquid to solidify to a gel in the bottom half. I stirred the gelled substance with a silver walnut pick and hoped for the best.

The Results – Sparkling Silver

Following the directions, I applied my old Tarn-X Silver Glaze to all the silver, waited a minute, buffed it and then washed it in warm water, making sure to dry all the water off. To my surprise, after just one application of Tarn-X, almost all the silver pieces were a lovely bright silver again. Several of the walnut picks still had discolored spots, but another application of Tarn-X took care of most of the tarnish. Even the 4 badly tarnished pieces showed more silver than black after one application, but the tarnish had gone all the way through the silver plate in some spots on two of the picks, so I may have to discard them after all. However, Tarn-X is not meant to put silver back on pieces that have oxidized all the way through, so I was 100% satisfied with the job my very old, previously opened bottle of Tarn-X Silver Glaze Silver Polish did.

The Price

In pre-1994 the old 8 oz. bottle of Tarn-X I purchased at SupeRx cost $4.99. Today you can pick up a 12 oz. bottle of Tarn-X Silver Glaze Silver Polish on Amazon for $10.04 or less. Not bad considering the rate of inflation over the past 20 years!

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