What's the Difference Between the Dyson AM01 and AM06?

AM01 or AM06 – Which is Better?

Are you interested in getting yourself one of these ‘cool’ looking Dyson bladeless table fans, however are unsure on what the exact differences are between the AM01 and AM06 & ultimately whether the extra $70 or so is worth it to get hold of the AM06? If so, then this comparison article will be able to help you out through pin-pointing the significant variations between them — and ultimately aiding you in your decision in which one to buy.

AM06 is ‘Slightly’ More Powerful – so the first factor to consider is that the AM06 will be able to produce a stronger cooling airflow on its max setting than the AM01 can. This being said, the AM01 can already produce a pretty strong cooling & smooth airflow as it is. However, extra power potential is always welcome if offered.

It Operates at Much Quieter Noise Levels – this is the significant advantage that the AM06 holds over the AM01, it is a whole seventy five percent quieter (when measuring decibels) when in operation. So whether you are wanting a table desk fan for when you are working or reading, the AM06 is going to provide a far less significant ‘audible’ distraction than the AM01 will. This is mainly due to the awesome engineering triumphs achieved by Dyson, particularly with the installation of the Helmholtz cavity.

Comes with a Remote Control – with the AM06 you also now get a remote control (unlike the AM01) so you don’t have to get up from the sofa to alter its air flow velocity (on 10 separate levels) or oscillation settings. The remote is also naturally curved and magnetic so stores away neatly on the AM06 bladeless table Dyson fan itself.

Additional Sleeper Timer Program – you also get the new sleeper program timer with the AM06, whereby you can set a period of time (pre-programmed) for the AM06 to operate between 15 minutes and 9 hours (with specified increments) — which then after, it will automatically turn itself off. A very useful ‘energy saving’ aspect that the AM01 doesn’t come with.

Energy Saving – this also turns nicely into the fact that the AM06 also uses a lot less energy than the AM01 needs. Specifically the 12 inch model of the AM06 compared to the AM01 will use 40% less power and the 10 inch version requires 30% less power. Moreover, as claimed if you used the AM01 in the right way in conjunction with your air conditioning unit — you will be able to save 20% on bill costs — you could then potentially save even more with the AM06 given it’s more powerful and more energy efficient.

The classic Dyson design of the table fan is still pretty much identical (as you can see from the images) — coming in an array of different finishes, but the cord length has been extended from 5.9 ft to 6.6 ft.

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