News What's the Difference Between the Dyson AM02 and AM07?

What's the Difference Between the Dyson AM02 and AM07?


AM02 or AM07 – Which is Better?

Are you looking to buy a Dyson bladeless tower fan air multiplier to keep your living room or dining room nice and cool during the summer months, however are unsure on exactly what the differences are between the AM02 and AM07, also whether the extra cash for the AM07 is justified? If so, you have come to the right comparison guide: AM02 Vs AM07. Below, we highlight the four key differences & improvements made with the AM07 and then this will help you to ultimately decide whether it is worth getting or not.

The AM07 is More Powerful – due to the re-configuration& re-modelling of air channels and paths as well as being installed with a new brushless DC motor, it has in turn allowed the AM07 to be more efficient in generating and producing a smooth constant airflow steam — this in turn has meant (on the max setting) that the AM07 is actually a fair bit more powerful in terms of the airflow velocity it produces and has a greater capacity potential to cool you down faster.

Operates at Much Quieter Noise Levels – now although the AM02 tower fan was much loved for the way it looked (and was still practical), the way it provides a nice relaxing ‘quality air flow’ — what wasn’t appreciated was loud it was in operation. So with the new successor, AM07 Dyson engineers got hard to work in producing a helmholtz cavity that captures and prevents audible soundwaves, this reduces the decibels level by a huge sixty percent.

Comes with an Additional Sleeper Timer Program – like all the new generation of Dyson air multipliers, it also has a sleeper timer program installed whereby you can set it to automatically turn itself off after a set period of time (between 15 minutes and 9 hours).

Energy Saving & More Efficient – improvements have also been made to how ‘power efficient’ the AM07 is as well compared to the AM02, using around 10% less energy (despite the Am07 being more powerful) — this is attributed mainly to the aerodynamic diffuser integrated. This in turn, gives you even more potential to save money — because as claimed in study with the Dyson AM02, if you used it appropriately in conjunction with your air conditioning unit — you could save 20%. But, because the AM07 is even more powerful & is more energy efficient, you have an even better potential to save on your energy bills.

Other than these four factors though, the AM02 and AM07 are still largely the same (identical dimensions, cord length of 6.6 ft, magnetic remote control etc.). They take on the modern (conversation starting) stylish design which is also entirely practical given it can be safe to be used around kids and is also very easy to clean (when compared to a traditional bladed fan). The entire range is available in a different array of colored finishes, so you can get the ideal model to fit in with your room’s decor.

Furthermore, if you do have any queries or issues about the comparison of the Dyson AM02 Vs AM07 bladeless tower fans, then please be sure to make them in the comments below. Also, if you have found the article to be useful at all, then please give it a like or share.

What's the Difference Between the Dyson AM02 and AM07?
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