What's the Difference Between the Dyson AM03 and AM08?

Dyson AM03 Vs AM08 – Which is Better?

Are you interested in investing in one of Dyson’s unique bladeless pedestal fans, however are unsure over the exact differences between the Dyson AM03 and AM08 & whether the AM08 is worth that ‘extra investment’? Well, this article will be able to help you out — through pin pointing the main four key differences between them, which will ultimately aid you in deciding which is the right Dyson fan (air conditioner) for you.

More Powerful – a fairly significant improvement made with the AM08 compared to the AM03 is that it can now produce a more powerful cooling airflow, this is due to the new brushless DC motor integrated that’s more efficient as well as the streamlined air channels. The airflow is still however super smooth and non-buffeted (like you get with standard bladed fans that can be uncomfortable and irritating on the eyes).

Thirty Five Percent Quieter – a common complaint with the AM03 was although it could provide a quality airflow, looked greater etc. it was pretty loud in operation (and for those who wanted to use it as a bedroom fan to keep them cool before they went to sleep, it was too loud and keeping them awake). Dyson however, with some awesome engineering achievements produced an effective helmholtz cavitythat captures and prevents as much audible noise coming from the motor resulting in it being 35% quieter.

Sleeper Mode – the AM08 also now comes with a ‘sleeper timer program’ which the AM03 doesn’t. This allows the user to set a pre-programmed period of time which the pedestal fan can operate for — between 15 minutes and 9 hours (within certain increments). This again, acts as a very useful and practical feature for those who want to use the AM08 as a ‘bedroom’ fan.

Energy Saving – as claimed with the AM03, if you use it in the right way it could help reduce energy bills by around 20%. Well because the AM08 is even more energy efficient by around 15% (this is due to the new aerodynamic diffuser mechanism that has been implemented) & is more powerful you have an even greater potential with the AM08 to save more money.

These are about the only aspects that are different between the AM03 and AM08, the bladeless design is still pretty much exactly the same (offering convenience in the way of it being very easy to clean and is completely safe to be used around children). Moreover, the dimensions are pretty much identical too and the pole can be adjusted (via height) and the head can be tilted so you can angle the air flow trajectory too. Also, they both still oscillates on a 80 degree base — to disperse cooling across the entire room.

Both models also come with the remote control (saving you the hassle of getting out of bed) which is also magnetic and curved perfectly to fit neatly in within the AM03’s and AM08’s curvature. Unlike the other Dyson air multipliers though, the AM03 and AM08 only come in the silver finish — but still look contemporary, modern & sleek — a great addition to any room and adds to its natural decor.

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