What's Vietnam visa on arrival?

What’s Vietnam visa on arrival?

“Visa on arrival” may be not a strange phrase for many travelers these days. However, for those who are quite unknown about this service, it can be reviewed as follows:

Vietnam visa on arrival is another method of getting Vietnam visa besides the tradition way that only allows foreigners to pick up their visas at Vietnam Embassy. With such this method, one can obtain his visa at one of 3 international airports of Hanoi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh city

Can one get Vietnam visa directly at Vietnam airports?

Well, a figure of the phrase “Vietnam visa on arrival” can mislead people to the awareness that they only need to buy a flight ticket to the country and they will definitely be able to get Vietnam visa upon arrival. Opposite to this thinking, the procedure to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival is a bit different.

Foreign travelers who wish to get Vietnam visa upon arrival need to show at the check-point of Vietnam airports a document named “Vietnam visa approval letter” for their entry approval. This letter is issued by Vietnam Department of Immigration before their departure to Vietnam.

Is the “Vietnam visa on arrival” legitimate?

Yes, it is. Vietnam visa on arrival is recognized as a legal document by the Vietnamese government. The issuing unit of Vietnam visa on arrival is Vietnam Immigration Department. The IATA (International Air Traffic Association) has recognized Vietnam visa on arrival so you do not have to worry whether the approval letter issued is legitimate at the airports.

However, besides Vietnam visa approval letter which is considered to be the most crucial document to be shown, you must prepare the following things to be able to come through the customs in the most convenient way:

– Print-out of your Visa-Approval letter.

– A passport valid for at least 6 months

– Passport should have at least one blank page where the Visa sticker can be placed.

– Cash US$ to pay for the Visa Stamping Fee at Vietnam airport (25 USD – for single entry, 50 USD – for multiple entry visa).

– 2 recently-taken photos with regular passport size.

Please prepare it in advance before boarding the plane to Vietnam to avoid hassles.

Why Vietnam visa on arrival is preferred?

Vietnam visa on arrival is the cheapest and most time-saving method to obtain visa to Vietnam. With just a few clicks, you can submit your visa application online and receive an approval letter after 2 working days via email. How fantastic it is!

Many people no longer apply for Vietnam visa through Vietnam Embassy because they live far from Vietnam Embassy and they do not wish to send away their original passport via post mail for visa submission. Even when the distance does not become a matter, not many people enjoy the complex procedure with many paperwork required from Vietnam Embassy.

How to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival?

Then, are you still confused about the method of getting Vietnam visa on arrival? As mentioned above, one will need to apply for Vietnam visa approval letter before they leave their country for Vietnam. Then exactly how to get Vietnam visa approval letter? Here is the answer to your question.

The approval letter is issued by Vietnam Department of Immigration. However; Vietnam Immigration Office will not grant the approval letter for an individual traveler even if you contact them directly. In order to obtain Vietnam visa approval letter, you need to get in touch with a travel agent in Vietnam for online submission. There are a variety of travel agents you can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival since this service is quite popular now. One of reliable agents where you can put your trust in is New Trend Vietnam Travel Co.,Ltd who recommend visa service on the website www.immivietnamvisa.com. They offer such a good, friendly and speedy service that should not be missed.

Once you visit the website, you may want to apply for Vietnam visa approval letter right away. Here are some few simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Fill in the secure online application form (all details should match with those on your passport)

Step 2: Pay the service fee (credit card is much preferred)

Step 3: Wait for the approval letter sent to your email after 2 working days for normal processing and 24 working hours for urgent processing

Step 4: On receiving the approval letter, you need to print it out and bring it to Vietnam airport to get your visa stamped.

Then now you can travel Vietnam without any Vietnam visa hassle!