WhatsApp ‘Dance Of The Pope’ Video Message Is a Virus Hoax !

A WhatsApp video message, having a short dance of Pope Francis, is circulating around the internet. The message is a chain letter spreading through WhatsApp and a few other social networking sites. But this circulating message may bring terrible consequences when a user accepts it.

Reportedly, the message includes a virus which is powerful enough to wipe out the phone’s internal storage. In some rare cases, it can even format your smartphone.

Virus, adware and malware are potentially dangerous and enable to infect any tech device. It can even slow down the response you get from your system.

Some other reports claim that the ‘Dance of the Pope’ virus is just a simple hoax and not a potential virus, but the user shouldn’t take risk.

Generally, such chain messages could carry a possible link to some other website that could inject malware into your system.

There have been many similar messages that circulated through various social platforms in the past, just like ‘WhatsApp voice calling hoax’ and the ‘London tub terrorist attack’ last year. Just like the other chain messages, ‘Dance of the Pope’ is also a hoax.

One of the representatives of WhatsApp Support Team has confirmed that this message didn’t come from WhatsApp and it’s a hoax. He said the company don’t use WhatsApp to mass message its user base, nor would they ever send a message to users advertising gifts or asking for forwarding a message to contacts.

The WhatsApp officials also advised the users to disregard this message and don’t forward it. If you receive a similar message, try stop the chain by not forwarding it to others.

For those who have not watched the video, we have it her:

IIn the ‘Dance of the Pope’ video, Pope Francis had stumbled into a praise break in a dramatic fashion. It happened in 2013 when at the start of the meeting with the College of Cardinals in the Vatican, Pope got off his seat and he seemed to get his feet in a tangle before almost falling over. But luckily he didn’t fall down.

Pope, who undoubtedly has an extraordinary personality, style that moment out, laughed, and then continued as normal. After that near-disastrous moment, he embraced the dean of the College of Cardinals.

The viral video has been edited and looped with a background music that presents the situation in a funny way. It looks like the beloved Pope did a short dance but it’s not true.