wheel simulators

Wheel simulators are a fantastic low-cost and effective alternative to costly aluminum and steel wheels.

You can enjoy the appearance of expensive aluminum wheels at a fraction of the expense by purchasing wheel simulators. Wheel simulators are easy to install and manufactured from high-quality polished stainless steel. You can find a broad range of simulators and axle covers that will perfectly suit your vehicle.

Why let aftermarket chrome dually wheels will hurt your pocket? You can just as well fasten a wheel simulator set to cover your stock rims for an incredible cover that will make your rigs appear more impressive. What’s more, only you and the business you purchased your wheel simulators from will know the difference!

There is a broad range of wheel simulators offered in a variety of applications for various vehicles such as RVs, vans, trucks, and more. Most wheel simulators are backed by a lifetime warranty if they are purchased from a reputable dealer. The thing is that wheel simulators offer the advantages of a stylish heavy-duty appearance for vehicles without onerous expenditures of aluminum or chrome rims. The appearance of chrome dually wheels with polished steel wheel covers is not difficult to find. Wheel simulators are a fantastic alternative for vehicle owners who desire a quality chrome finish for their dually truck and van wheels.

TIP: To make certain your wheel simulators are of the best quality, make sure you purchase them from a company who manufactures their products under tightly controlled conditions. In addition, the products should be inspected visually and tested in the laboratory under stringent conditions counting salt-spray examinations on a consistent basis in order to guarantee quality. The best quality would be wheel simulators produced with a certified 304-grade stainless steel and put through a 3-stage finishing process that incorporated hand polishing.