When a Two-Person Hot Tub is the Perfect Fit

Two-person hot tubs are often just what a couple needs for a healthier, more relaxing, and more romantic lifestyle.They are also much more affordable than regular-sized hot tubs in terms of purchase costs, installation costs, and running costs.They are too often overlooked by consumers who think that the standard 4-person hot tubs are the only option.
Two person hot tubs fall into one of two broad categories: shallow and deep.
Shallow two-person hot tubs
The majority of two-person hot tubs are shallow.The most common configuration is two lounge chairs, facing each other, with jets on each.This allows for the best possible relaxation posture with the minimum possible water that needs heating.It is best for couples who want to use their hot tub together while having drinks or a conversation.
Many shallow hot tubs are explicitly built for romance.They have drink holders, soft LED lights, or small waterfalls to help set the scene.Some are also built more for snuggling than for talking, and place both the lounge chairs facing the same way.
Some considerations for a shallow hot tub:
• The view.Figure out where you will place your hot tub, and what you can see from it.If it has a great view, you may want to buy one where both lounge chairs face the same way.If the only view is each other, you might want the standard configuration.
• Privacy.Your romantic… activities might depend on how much privacy your hot tub has.Knowing this might change your mind about which configuration you want.
• Hydrotherapy versus price.It can be great to have a lot of massage jets on the lounge chairs to help you unwind after a hard day.However, models with better massage jets also tend to cost more.If all you want is a relaxing soak with your loved one and you don’t need industrial-strength jets, you may want to consider a cheaper model.
• Ergonomics.Most 2-person hot tubs are built for one average-height man and one average-height woman.99% of couples will not fit this description.Be sure to shop with your partner and check to make sure the chairs’ unique curvatures fit your backs.
Deep hot tubs
Deep two-person hot tubs are more often used for therapy than for fun.They are typically small ovals in shape, with two benches or chairs on either end.These hot tubs cost more to run, but allow for more total bodily immersion in hot water.
Deep hot tubs generally aren’t as romantic as shallow hot tubs.However, they may be what your partner or you need, in terms of therapy requirements.Many therapists recommend deeper hot tubs to allow more even warming of the body muscles.Deep hot tubs may also be, for whatever reason, preferable or more enjoyable for you and your partner.What could be more romantic than looking after your wants and needs together?

Two-person hot tubs are a good buy for a couple interested in personal relaxation and romance.Why pay all that extra money for a full-sized hot tub, when the real fun happens when it’s just the two of you?