When In London, Stay Where Your Interests Lie


London is an enormous city filled with history, culture and more than its fair share of outdoor sights. While in London, select your vacation rental based on your travel preferences. For instance, if you’re traveling to tour the museums, then you’ll want to stay in Bloomsbury, but if you’re heading to the classic European city to mingle, consider booking a place in Brixton. Stay in Chinatown to enjoy the city’s diverse culture, or if being close to world famous landmarks is appealing, then make reservations near the City of London.


When you stay in Bloomsbury, you’ll not only be near a number of renowned museums, but you’ll also be in an especially pretty part of Central London. For culture, stop by the Betterton Street Poetry Café, which is devoted to all types of poetry. It also hosts recitals and readings. The area’s museums include the British Museum along with the Charles Dickens Museum. During a city stroll, you’ll come across Georgian garden squares as well as public transportation hubs. With convenient access to six tube stops, you can easily traverse the city to see London’s other renowned sites. By staying in this part of town, you’ll also be near Covent Garden, Regent’s Park and Oxford Street.


To enjoy London’s nightlife, consider staying in a Brixton vacation rental. This part of town has vibrant clubs, live music and hip bars making it one of the city’s most visited districts since both locals and travelers head to the area for a night on the town. With its abundance of cultural elements, Brixton is an intriguing place to stay. In this district, the food is as diverse as the shopping. Exotic merchandise is available from South America, India, Vietnam and the Caribbean. Brixton is in the city’s zone two transportation line, so it has a number of convenient transportation hubs. For instance, you can hop on the Victoria Line to get to the Oxford Circus.


When you stay in Chinatown, you’ll have the opportunity to experience genuine Chinese culture in the center of the city. The entrance gates welcome you to the district with flair while the area’s lively shops sell unique souvenirs. In Chinatown, traditional restaurants serve delectable cuisine. If you can, consider making your travel reservations during the Chinese Lunar New Year as the celebration features fireworks, floats and performances. This part of town is in transportation zone one, so you can take public transport to get to Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. In the area, attractions include the 1888 Mural and the Paifangs along with the Lion Statue.

City of London

By staying in the City of London, you’ll have access to historical sites along with contemporary elements. The City of London comprises just one square mile, but within this mile, you can see the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the city’s financial district along with the Museum of London and the London Wall. With a vacation rental in the City of London, you’ll be near plenty of bars, restaurants and shops. You’ll also be close to public transportation, which makes it easy to get to the city’s other intriguing sites. The district is located in zone one, so you’ll have access to 11 different tube stations.

Travel Assistance from WorldEscape

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