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When Prescription Drugs Become Recreational Drug Addiction

When prescription drugs become recreational drug addiction it becomes an unfortunate circumstance that can lead to tragedy. Doctors write millions of prescription drugs annually in the United States. Patients get prescriptions for everything from Viagra to medicinal Marijuna from their doctors. Often, a patient will have more than one prescription to treat a number of different sometimes chronic, physical, and/or mental conditions. Because Baby Boomers are living longer, it’s multiplying the flood of prescription drugs being prescribed to patients every year. The unused portion of these drugs, end up on bedside tables and in medicine cabinets in homes all over the country.

Medicine Cabinet Dispensary

Prescription drugs can take many paths on their way to becoming recreational drugs but one of these paths is sometimes found in the same home as the drug. Spouse’s and children of a person using prescription drugs have easy access to any prescription drugs left unsecured in the home. Children are getting peer pressure to raid their parent’s medicine cabinets for drugs to add to pill parties. These parties are a dangerous mix of alcohol and illegal and prescription drugs. A spouse that has some pain may take advantage of their partner’s prescription drugs in the home to save some money and to relieve their pain. They may also use these drugs to help them feel better by getting a cheap high. These situations often lead to prescription drugs going from prescription drugs to recreational drug addiction.

Sold by the Pill

Some of the more powerful painkillers and drugs used to treat mental conditions have a market among teens and addicts looking for a quick high. They may get supplied by the prescription user or someone with access in the home, who sells “by the pill” at a nice profit. Sometimes, people who actually have pain but no access to proper healthcare and little or no money, will buy painkillers a pill at a time. Others use psychotropic drugs used to treat people with mental disorders, to adjust their emotions. If they’re stressed and need something to help them calm down, they will buy a pill at a time if possible. People that are too low emotionally are also potential customers for anyone looking to supply them with a drug that will help them perk up. People looking for a quick high or for relief from pain or for a emotional stimulus can be very resourceful when it comes to getting their drug of choice.

Drug Treatment Rehab Center

If you’re addicted to prescription drugs, you can get help overcoming the addiction at a drug treatment rehab center. Drug treatment specialists in drug treatment rehab treatment centers are trained to help you get free of drug addiction. Finding a rehab center is as simple as searching the Internet for ‘drug treatment rehab center.’ For example you can search the Internet for, “Florida rehab center,” if you live in Florida. Otherwise, just substitute the name of your town for Florida. While many drug rehab facilities are affordable, some drug treatment rehab centers are exclusive and cater to a group of people that can afford to pay for high priced physicians, luxury accommodations, and treatment. So while searching the Internet for Florida rehab center will return a list of rehab centers in Florida, it may not list or identify, luxury drug treatment rehab centers. Your doctor can help you find a drug rehab center that’s right for you.

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Easy Score

As unpleasant as it is, we can’t rule out friends and family raiding your medicine cabinets when they visit your home. An innocent trip to the bathroom could turn into an opportunity to steal your meds. Hopefully, this is the rare occasion but it may happen more than we like to think. These are some examples of situations that could lead to some very serious consequences when medicine is not handled responsibly. Always keep your medicine in a secure place and properly dispose of any unused medicine. That could help keep prescription drugs from becoming a recreational drug addiction.


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