When Should Kids Start Art Lessons?

Art lessons for kids can be a good or bad thing. It all depends on when you start the art lessons.

Art lessons can help kids be even more creative if they are started at the right age. Art is a very creative activity for children because there is no correct way to use materials such as crayons, markers or paint (unlike a jigsaw puzzle which has a correct ‘answer’). Rather than telling a child how to be creative, good art lessons can teach children skills, like how to mix paint colors, that can help their creativity. Yet how children create art changes as they grow which means that art lessons are only helpful at the right time.

What Can Art Lessons Give Children?

The skills children learn in lessons or classes can help them become more creative by giving them more ways to use the art materials. It can also make it easier for children to create what they have planned to because they will know more about how to use the materials to create certain effects. This can lead to a child feeling less frustrated with their artwork and can make them feel good about their abilities. This in turn can help their confidence and self-esteem.

To do this children need lessons that are focused on learning how to use the materials rather than just making art projects. As although projects can be a fun addition to a child’s art activities they do not actually help children be creative.

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When is the Right Time for Art Lessons?

Lessons can be helpful for children once they reach the age of five or six years. They are not helpful for children younger than this because young children do not have a specific goal in mind when they create art. Instead they focus on what they are doing in the here and now. This means children do not plan pictures when they create art, instead they experiment with and enjoy the art materials in a spontaneous way. Children need to reach the stage of planning their picture before lessons will be helpful. (Planning pictures does not mean your child is a ‘better artist’ than a child who is spontaneous. It is just part of childhood development. This natural progression from being spontaneous to planning is very important for learning, so children should not be pushed to plan pictures earlier so they can start art lessons.)

So do art lessons help or hinder children’s creativity? If they are started at the right time and teach children the tools of making art and how to use use art materials to create more art effects – they can help creativity.

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