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When Should You Restore Mac to Factory Settings?

In an ideal world, a Mac or other Apple device would run like a dream forever. But this is a real world, and here you can’t expect the ‘forever’ robust performance from your devices including Mac, iPhone, and others. Little because of your device handling flaws and majorly because of viruses attacks, the performance of your device might get downgraded. During such times, you might try various tweaks and possible fixes but wiping the Mac clean and starting all over new is the best option available. That is possible through the factory reset feature of Mac PCs. The article will provide you insight on factory reset Mac and help you to fix your faulty Macs without any specialized tech support.

The Need to Reset Mac to Factory Settings

Your Mac might start showing uncertain problems for various reasons. Some of the possible reasons include the installation of too many apps, apps have started acting a little mischievous, or there is something terribly wrong with Mac operating systems. Sometimes things might go wrong, and there are no possible fixes available to fix them back into the normal working state. Despite trying out various possible fixes, if you are still not getting rid of the existing problems, then reboot to factory settings.

The troubleshooting technique always works as it erases all the good and bad modifications done to your operating system. It simply means that every single app or software installed on your system, huge data files in the memory, all the settings and configuration, or almost everything will get erased. Then the OS will get installed freshly, and you can experience the same flawless performance, once again. It’s like you will have a completely new Mac system. However, while you are surely interested in getting the bad data, or malicious software erased but you don’t want to lose your important and useful information. That is why it’s very important that before you wipe a Mac through factory restore, you must create a backup of your data.

How to Backup Mac Data Before You Reboot To Factory Settings?

Manually Storing Your Data on an External Hard Drive

First you need to organize your data to make the backup process smoother. Also, data organizing ensures that you don’t accidentally forget to backup any of your crucial files stored in some unexpected locations. For instance, you can organize your music files by using iTunes. Likewise, take some time and organize your important data such as documents, video files, pictures, and others to ensure a faster backup. Now, you simply need to transfer the organized data to an external hard drive and to do the same, follow these steps:

• Choose an external hard drive

• Plug in your Mac to the external hard drive using the provided USB, Firewire or eSATA cable

• First, format your external hard drive and prepare it for taking up backups

• Transfer your organized data from the Mac to the external hard drive.

Tips for Backing up Your Important Data to iCloud

• Turn on iCloud

• From the ‘Apple’ menu, open ‘System Preferences’

• Click on the ‘iCloud’ icon

• Sign-in by feeding your Apple ID and password

• Admit that you wish to use iCloud to backup your data by clicking on the checkbox beside the option

• Click the ‘Next’ button

• Select the data files that you want to backup

• Close the ‘System Preferences’ window

• Now, iCloud will automatically sync the data you have selected to backup.

Store Your Important Data on an External Hard Drive With Time Machine Feature
If you want to store the whole data of your Mac system, then doing it manually would be bit difficult. In that case, you can use the Time Machine feature to transfer all your crucial files to a safe location. It will back up the whole data in your Mac hard drives and store it to a selected backup disk. You can choose a separate Mac or an external hard drive as the backup disk to ensure the optimal safety of your sensitive data files. To use the Time Machine, perform the following steps:

• Launch the ‘Time Machine’ application

• In the Time Machine window, designate your external hard drive as the ‘Backup Disk’

• Turn ‘Time Machine’ On

• Now, Time Machine will start backing up the data

• That will take some time, possibly overnight, depending on the amount of data you’re backing up.


Once you have the backup, you can proceed to restore Mac to factory settings. After completing the factory restore, you will have a freshly installed Mac operating system. The newly wiped Mac will be free of malware and operate just like the operating system of a new out-of-box Mac system.

You can bring back the old data from the external hard drive to the hard drive of the freshly installed Mac operating systems. But before that don’t forget to install anti-malware software and scan the old data in the external hard drive to avoid stubborn infections. Following the process mentioned above will ensure that you have an uninfected data in your new Mac OS. Thus, restore Mac to factory settings and give a good boost to the speed and performance of your system.

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