Yes, when will they ever learn? Israel today-tomorrow the world. Ye see but ye do not understand. Ye listen, but ye hear not. Maybe ye lack understanding. Ask and the Holy Spirit shall be given thee, to help thee understand things which ye cannot comprehend especially things fertaining to thy salvation. For example warning signs to the House of Israel are warning signs to the world at large?

The country of Israel is but a microcosm of the real Israel. The real Israel is the world as a whole. Yes the whole earth is Israel. Did I not instruct the first man and woman to multiply and fill the earth with their seed? Did i sa Israel only? How can I favour but just one nation? Did i not make this a planet of milk and honey? Do ye not marvel at my creation as thou criss cross the globe? In everyday things? Are my works not evident worldwide or are they just evident in Israel of God? You are the Israel of God! You are my chosen design! Ye all ye in creation not just the House of Jacob? Since when do i show favouritism? Will I not look after my own creation? Should you not do likewise and look after your inheritance? And if anything be beyond ye-seek me and ye shall find me! Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and the door will be opened unto thee. Oh ye of little faith!

Ye seek the stars and skies but ye seek in vain! Ye seek for a new earth but there is no other planet like this in the universe. Should I not know better? Did I not create the universe? Ye worship but ye worship in vain. Ye seek other gods but there is only me and the devil to be found. Why do ye worship the sun , moon and stars? Why do ye live so foolishly? Why do ye offer your children in the fire to Molech?

Return to me and I will give you the desires of your heart! I will welcome you as the prodigal who has returned.

Thank you.