Where Can I Find The Right Vacuum Replacement Parts?

When an accessory or attachment for the vacuum cleaner has broken or gone missing, many start looking for replacements. Finding replacements can be difficult or easy depending on what part is needed.

Common parts, such as a filter or an attachment, are typically very easy to find locally or online. Parts like the motor can be harder to find, especially if the unit is an older model that has not been made in many years.

Start By Consulting The Schematics For The Part Number

The first step is to figure out what model the Rainbow vacuum is, and to locate the number of the replacement parts. The best way to do this is to find the schematics for that model.

The schematics are sometimes included in the original paperwork that came with the unit. Some hang on to this paperwork, but many tend to throw it away as they do not think they will ever need it.

If the paperwork has gone missing, it can be downloaded from a number of sources, including the seller’s website, or the manufacturer’s website. Some may be able to email the company for a copy if their model is no longer listed on the site.

Check Local And Online Stores To Find The Right Part

After finding the parts number in the schematics, the next step is to find a place to purchase it. Depending on the brand and model, this can be as simple as going to a local retailer and buying one there. This is common for filters or brush heads as they are frequently replaced.

Some brands may not sell their parts to local establishments, which can make it a bit harder to find them when they are needed. If this is the case, the next step is to look for a local vacuum cleaner repair or sales company.

Companies like this specialize in repairing and replacing parts for a number of brands. They may have a specific brand focus, which can make it easier to find exactly the right part for any model in that brand’s line.

If there are no local options available, the next place to look is online. For some, this is the first stop as it nearly guarantees that they will be able to find the right part for their vacuum cleaner.

When shopping for replacements online it is vital to have the parts number on hand. The reason for this is that there are a number of parts available, and not all of them will fit in to every model of cleaner.

Another advantage to shopping online is that the prices can sometimes be cheaper than purchasing them locally. This is not always the case, but for hard to find replacements, it can sometimes make a big difference.

Check With An Authorized Seller For Older Models

Those who have older models may find that replacements can sometimes be difficult to find or may be expensive. One way to get around this is to check with an authorized seller who does repairs or replacements.

In many cases, these companies have access to a number of parts that range from filters to motors and hoses. One thing to keep in mind with these older models is that the replacements may have been previously used, such as refurbished pieces.

Whether the Rainbow vacuum replacement parts are refurbished or are brand new depends heavily on how old the model itself is. Very old models may have to be serviced with refurbished or used parts if new ones are not available.