Where Can I Get a Copy of My High School Yearbook

Where can I get a copy of my high school yearbook? There are many reasons why you may need to get another copy of your high school yearbook. You may have lost it in a move, a fire, flood or other disaster or maybe you just didn’t order one originally and are regretting it now.

There are many routes you can go to attempt to get a copy of your yearbook. None of them are fool proof so you’ll just have to try each until you have success or run out of options. I’ll list the different options and go over how to go about inquiring now:

  • Call the school’s main office and ask if they have any copies remaining. Many schools order extra each year and they may have some left if you’re lucky. In recent years, schools have been ordering fewer and fewer extra copies so depending on how long ago you graduated this may be tough.
  • Contact your classmates and ask if they either have extras or no longer want theirs. This is probably a long shot but if you really want a copy it’s something you can try.
  • Contact the company that produced your yearbook. Especially if you graduated recently this can be an easy option. Most companies started producing their yearbooks digitally within the last 10 to 15 years so it is easy for them to simply print up another book for you. This may be more expensive than what the book cost originally because it’s more expensive to set the presses up for one book than for a run of several hundred.

I actually used to work for Jostens, which is the biggest yearbook producer in the US and I know they had this option available for recent graduates within the last 10 to 15 years so if you think that they are the company that did your school’s yearbooks this is probably your best bet. Check out Jostens.com to see what your options are.

If your school does not use Jostens find out who they do use from the school’s office and contact that company. I believe several of them have similar availability for older yearbooks. So now you know the answer next time someone asks you “Where can I get a copy of my high school yearbook?”