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Where can I Get Paid to Donate Plasma?

Where can I get paid to donate plasma? This is a frequently asked question for individuals who are in financial need. It is a given fact that blood donation is not commonly paid. However, plasma donation pays $20 to $30 per visit. You can donate twice a week if you are physically fit. Furthermore, if you are vaccinated with Hepatitis B vaccine, you are entitled to receive as high as $50 per visit. The good thing in this donation is that you’ve earned a couple of bucks and saved a life as well. Nonetheless, the process involved in plasma donation is not as simple as pricking a finger. Thus, this article would inform you about necessary details you need to know regarding plasma donation including where you can donate it.

Plasma donation process

Plasma donation is the same as blood donation process in terms of the extraction. The varying point is that the blood taken undergoes the process known as plasmapheresis. Medically, this process is defined as the separation and isolation of plasma from other blood components. Once plasma isolation is achieved, the blood extracted is returned from your body via the same tube and needle. This is done with the use of a plasmapheresis machine. The whole process would approximately take 90 to 180 minutes long.

This process is perfectly safe, sterile and pain free. All necessary supplies are come from a sealed and one-time use sterile medical supply package. Thus, you don’t have to worry about contamination. Furthermore, blood will remain inside the device the whole isolation process. Thereby, returning blood back into your body has no risks involved.


Before answering the question, where can I get paid to donate plasma, one must first determine the qualifications of becoming a donor and the requirements need in order to donate. With these, you will know beforehand if eligible donor or not.

Individuals who are between the age of 18 to 65 weighing 110 pounds and above can donate provided that you are physically fit. However, you are disqualified if you fall under the following category.

• Have suffered from hepatitis
• Have a body pierce that is punctured within the past 12 months
• Have a tattoo created within the past 12 months
• Have a medical history of cancer
• Have stayed in Europe for a long time

If you don’t fall under any of the following category, you are eligible to donate. Just bring two valid ID such as Social Security card and a utility bill with your current address. Don’t forget prep yourself for the process by eating a meal and drinking lots of water.

Where to donate plasma?

There are various centers and clinics that pays plasma donor. Universities typically have donation centers. Some blood banks also accept plasma donations. The best place you can widen your search is through the internet. Just type you state, city and “Where can I get paid to donate plasma?” in your search engine and view some plasma center directories or yellow pages.