Where Can I Recycle Aluminum Cans for Cash? How Much Money Will I Get?

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Where can I recycle aluminum cans for cash? How much are they worth these days? If you drink soda pop, beer, or just about anything else that you can imagine, you can actually make some easy money with them. Recycling makes much more sense today than throwing them into the trash. In fact, it’s probably required by law in your area. If you are going to have to do it anyway, you might as well get paid for it. Here are some places you will want to check out to get top dollar for your aluminum.

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How Much Money I’ll Get

It will vary by area, but you will most likely get at least fifty cents per pound, but some areas are more than $1. This will put some extra cash in your wallet for something you would have just thrown out in the trash. It’s basically free money, requiring only a little of your time and energy to get paid.

How Many In A Pound?

It’s going to vary a little bit, but assuming you are going to recycle 12oz cans, you will be looking at about 30 to equal one pound of aluminum. This will help to offset the cost of soda and other beverages you may be drinking already. In other words, about two and one half twelve packs will equal a full pound, perhaps worth as much as a dollar.

Where To Go

If you want to recycle you soda pop cans for cash money on the spot, you have a few basic options to check out. You will be able to get top dollar by making sure you call around for the best price reimbursement.

Recycling Centers: They are all over the place, even in rural areas. You will most likely not have any problem finding a center in your area. In fact, there’s probably going to be more than one. When there are, you’ll find they have to compete with each other, bringing the value up.

Automated Centers: There are some places you can go and simply put your used cans into a bin and collect cash from an automated service. This is a really convenient way to go since you won’t have to worry about when the collection centers are open for business.

Scrap Yards: If you have large quantities, you might be best off going to a scrap yard. They often pay pretty well for old cans, especially for aluminum.

Why Not Donate?

Maybe money isn’t your thing. If not, many groups, like local Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and charities will take them and put them to a good cause. It’s a good way to help out those in need.

Don’t throw them away – find out where to recycle aluminum cans for cash in your area first.

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Where Can I Recycle Aluminum Cans for Cash? How Much Money Will I Get?, Seekyt
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