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where can I sell my laptop – See how I sold my old laptop for $350 in 6 hrs

Well! You want to sell you laptop? Good. Recently I had problem of sealing my 3 year old HP laptop, finally sold it online for $350!! Not a bad deal, you can also sell your old laptops oline for Free. Remember selling laptop will incur you some package and delivery related costs, so make sure you cover all of them in the cost. Below are the best places I used to sell my old stuffs online, for last 2 years I am doing this as side business, usually I buy old laptops, cell phone and other digital gadgets from my friends and family members in local, latter I will sell them for good price in online.
1.www.ebay.com http://www.ebay.com

eBay is an auction site for the product through Internet Also my favorite place where can i sell my laptop . It is one of the pioneers in this type of transaction, having been founded in 1995. Since 2002, eBay owns PayPal . eBay is a network of auctions over the Internet, most there for now and a leader in this market. Anyone can register on the eBay website and buy or sell any of the items available, grouped in a category system. On eBay you can trade a wide variety of products, the only requirement is be a registered user. Operations are performed with 3 main types.
Auction: is the most common transaction on the site. The seller sets a starting price and a fixed time for the announcement and throughout that time period, buyers will bid for it. The highest bidder gets the item, under the terms of delivery and returns imposed by the seller.
Buy It Now: the seller sets a fixed price and, if the applicant is willing to pay, will be yours.
Classified ad for sale of items under this form of advertisement, which shows the characteristics of the current item and its price.
The seller can establish their payment: PayPal , credit card , bank transfer or COD at the time of receipt of order and so it is stated in the notice, together with the description and photo, if applicable . In return for your ad, eBay charges a commission to the seller in case of sale, in proportion to the final sale price.
Although lately it has increased security and protection to the buyer, do not forget that any transaction on eBay is a deal does not involve the company, so the success of the sale depends on the good faith of the other party. eBay really is a system of automatic mediation, in which users can rate other users via a system of positive or negative points depending on the success of the operation. However, this system has often proved easily manipulated, so that in the past there have been scams where sellers and Asian high-tech products (LCD TV at bargain prices, etc). To avoid this we must look at the payment of the product being purchased, and if that form of payment has the ‘buyer protection’ of eBay, which covers up to an amount in case of fraud, but with expenditure of 30 € per claim.
OLX is the next generation of online ad.

OLX provides a simple solution to the complications involved in a sale, purchase, exchange, discussion, organization, and meet people near you, wherever you live.
3. Amazon.com – http://www.amazon.com
Amazon.com, Incis an American of e-commerce based in Seattle , Washington State, my second best place where i sell my laptops in better price . Their motto is and you’re done (translated into Spanish, ‘and ready’). It was one of the first large companies to sell goods through Internet . Amazon also owns Alexa Internet , a9.com , Shopbop , Kongregate , Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Zappos.com and DPreview.com.
Amazon has established separate websites for Canada , the United Kingdom , Germany , Austria , France , China , Japan , Italy and Spain to offer the products of those countries. It is now fully diversified into different product lines, offering DVD , CD music, software , video games , electronics , clothing , furniture , food , books , etc.

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