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Where Can I Sign My Children Up On The Angel Tree?


Where can I sign my children up on the Angel Tree in my area of residence?

The question, “where can I sign my children up on the Angel tree” keeps ringing in the head of any needy parent as Christmas draws near each year. Signing up children on the Angel Tree should not be a dilemma for any loving mother anymore.

There are thousands of agencies that offer this program all over the United States of America (USA) and those who require it become beneficiaries of the world’s givers for as long as you are able to register your name in good time. In many countries it has a different name apart from the Angel Tree but the cause is the same.

The program runs during the Christmas season towards the end of the year, since this is period of giving as Christ gave himself to us. It may begin anytime after August.

Why sign up on the Angel Tree program

There are several families who are willing and have the financial ability to buy a gift for others who are not in a position to do so. The Angel Tree program is a link between these two families and that is why it is advisable for those in need to sign up in the program.

A parent who wishes to sign up may have to undergo several steps before they are accepted as genuine cases to benefit from this program. This may include going through a vetting process as follows:-

Initial registration: The parent must register at the facility so that they have a formal record of request. This is important to inform the program officers about your situation.

Proof of identity: The parent should submit genuine copies of identification of herself and family members since this is a record of whom she or he is vouching for to get a gift at Christmas. They have to be her biological, adopted or any other children she may be supporting and not ghost family members.

Proof of financial status: This is very crucial to avoid fraudulent persons who may wish to sign up for the program and get free gifts only to resell them again for profit which violates the cause of the program.

The above process is very important for any Angel Tree program because it allows for the filtering of dishonest cases early. Also having to go through the process may not be a worthy venture for anyone who has sinister motives.

Where can I sign up my children for the program?

There are several places where one would sign up for this program, all you have to do is listen more, and attend social functions within your local community and your church. These may include the following:-

  • Non-governmental organizations in your community engaged in charitable work
  • The local church may have a program initiated by well wishers, individuals, or friends of the church
  • Private corporations through their community social responsibility programs (CSR)
  • The media is also a good place for information, and they may advertise agencies or organizations that are providing such services.

With all the above set up programs in most countries, a needy mother in the world should never ask again the question “where can I sign my children up on the Angel Tree “during this giving season.

Where Can I Sign My Children Up On The Angel Tree?
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