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Where Can You Find American Made Toys For Toddlers Cheap?


A Toy Company Made in the USA

May I introduce to you, American Plastic Toys, a company that has been around since the 1960’s. There are so many new Moms and Dads who are desperate to keep made in China products away from their child or children. But finding toys that are not filled with led can be hard to do, especially if you are living on a fixed budget. Even if you don’t have to worry about money, no parent wants to give a child a toy that could possibly include lead in the plastic. That child will chew on the toy and it could cause some awful conditions,even death.

American Plastic Toys is a company that does not use lead in their toys. American owned, they operate five facilities around the United States including some plants in Michigan and Mississippi. The nice thing is they have over 125 different items for children of a variety of ages that are made out of products made in the USA.

A small percent, just about 4% or less of their product is imported, but those are some sound components and some fasteners. They are not painted, so no worries about lead.

Plastic Can Be Deadly if Not Made in the USA!

The plastic that this company uses is all purchased right here in the USA. They mold them with about 80% polypropylene and then 20% polyethylene, which is plastic. They have to use a colorant in the products and they buy this right here in the USA where it is FDA approved.

Where To Find American Made Toys?, one of the best and biggest retailers online carries many different varieties from the American Plastic Company. They are also sold in stores like Walmart, Toys R Us, Kmart and Family Dollar. If you are starting to think about crowded stores, bad weather and the thought of ordering online makes you happy, then Amazon would be the best option for decent prices and quick service this holiday season.

Toddler Toys They’ll Love

Where Can You Find American Made Toys For Toddlers Cheap?

American Plastic Toys Children’s Kitchen Play Set

Can you imagine your little toddler playing for hours with this kitchen set? Prices are reasonable and they seem to be a bit more affordable than some name brand toys just like this one.

Where Can You Find American Made Toys For Toddlers Cheap?

American Plastic Toy 37 Piece Deluxe Workbench

For the little guys in your world, I know that he would love this work bench! I had two boys and there was always something like this one in my house! They can spend all day trying to build and hammer and use a drill. Just be careful because you may start to find some of your stuff ‘fixed up’

So don’t fret about buying toys for your child this year at christmas that isn’t made in the USA. The American Plastic Toy company has many other toys for toddlers and they are all made here, proudly put together by an American owned company.

There are also other companies as well that are proud to make toys right here in the USA. Another article you may find useful here on is Where to find Toys Made in the USA.

Where Can You Find American Made Toys For Toddlers Cheap?
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