Where did my new year’s resolution weight loss plan go?

It is mid february and you are beating yourelf on the head because as usual, that new year’s resolution dissolved in thin air it seems. If you are finding ways to lose that weight, this is the right ‘lens’ for you. You probably set a new year’s resolution that you had not have a chance to do. Well, dont feel discouraged because we all know that there’s many of us out there. Yes, I was once a “resolution swearing I will” person until I discovered what was the very first mistake I was making that never got me to the next level. I have good news and it digs deep. Your intent is awesome and still doable but the bad news is, you dont really know how to get there because if you do, you wont be reading this any further.

Call it Evolution

Evolution simply means to develop gradually. It is just the right word and it is what you are looking for. Take time to breathe that word in and weave it to your being, because it is the closest thing to magic.

Take Notes!

That was short and sweet, and now on to your next step: you need to know your BMI. This jump starts the hard work that will pay off so you have to take notes even if you think you will remember the number after a roller coaster ride. A good way to assess your weight is to calculate your body mass index (BMI). BMI takes into account not just your weight , but also your height to indicate body fat . What we consider good is a BMI that’s over 18 and under 25.

Find out by using online BMI calculators that are for free. You will need your exact weight, height, gender and age. Pretty simple, huh? Please take notes of the numbers and come back and finish reading this.

The time is now

Choose your desired weight loss program and own it! I think there are considerable programs that works, and it is all depending on your preference. Do you like to work out? I hope so because it is one of the best things you can give to yourself. Your main goal should be: lose the weight and preserve those muscles. There is, however a diet where you also cut down on bad food and eat clean while taking amino acids and or supplements(used to preserve muscles if you cant work out- to drop weight. Do your research and discuss with your physician about your endeavors about losing weight.

If your BMI appeared to be over 25 then you need to get started with your evolution. set your date of start and end, you need to mark it on your personal calendar.

There is a myriad of undesirable things that could come with obesity, and you just have to choose you.What good are we to those we love if we are not good to ourselves?” -Lorela Delos Santos Franklin